1:1 Coaching

When I started freelancing from home, I knew I was entering a challenging phase in my career. But that didn’t stop me from going after my goals, nor should you!

Your business or work goals deserve to see the light of day because of these reasons:

  • Deep in your heart, you know that if you apply the level of hard work and passion from your day job to your own business, you will surely go far!
  • You can maximize the full potential of available technology to bring your career and life to the next level
  • No more feeling ‘trapped’ in a 9 to 5 job that almost always extends to late-night overtimes in the office

There’s a way to get started without feeling miserable because this space has slowly become more and more competitive. But it’s still possible to get an online job no matter where you are in your life. Whether you’re still in school looking for an extra income, bootstrapping for your own business, or aspiring to become a freelancer, you too can get started!

Choose a course on any of these topics:

Whether you are a Freelancer or Small Business Owner looking to run your digital marketing campaigns, our Coaching Programs can help you!


  • Select the right online job for you as a freelancer, WFH hopeful, or as a part-timer
  • Get started with your applications for online jobs by helping you prepare your CV/ resumés and video or voice interviews
  • Learn the in-demand skills to win a job from an online job marketplace.


  • Identify which digital marketing platforms are best suited to your business
  • Set up your business’ social media channels
  • Build your business’ website
    Find out if it’s time to get an external team to assist you with your business

Most business owners have limited budget to keep employees under their wing, with my Business Coaching Program you choose to learn and perform the Digital Marketing Strategies on your own or get an external team to support all your business needs.

“My mission is to help you thrive as a freelancer, a work-from-home professional or as a part-timer while achieving work-life integration!”
– Elle Anorma

Let me help you figure out your next steps

Send an email to hey[a]brightpresence.co with a subject line ‘Applying for the 1:1 Coaching Program’

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