50 Days Since

Day 1: First few photos of little Kerrigan

I absolutely love the expression on her tiny face here. It’s a glimpse of what her personality would be like. It’s as if she’s saying, “You better know what your doing Ms Nurse!” But really she’s turning out to be a friendly and happy baby.


I just thought she’d be happy to see her tiny but long fingers and toes when she’s bigger. So hope you’ll appreciate having them preserved on a photo. I was using my iPhone 5, back then it was on 5mp so that explains the quality.


Day 15: A Welcome Part for Kerrigan

Kerrigan came in two weeks early but in complete term at 37 weeks and one day, so I didn’t have enough time to have the baby shower. Instead we held a small party for you to meet everyone. Looking back at it now, I thought it was too risky. I do not recommend this as newborns are extremely vulnerable from sickness. We were lucky you didn’t get anything from the party but a just a tiny irritation on your eyelid because of the glitters which healed right away.

Photos taken on Dec 20, 2015


Day 30: Our first New Year and the view from your first home 


Day 50: Your first month