Good Morning, San Diego!

This is part two of our San Diego vacation story with the Gaviola family

EA_Del Mar 3
We took a shuttle that drove us from the parking lot to the main entrance! Super convenient if you have the best squad in the world, your family! #REALsquadgoals
EA_Del Mar 2
How fun it is to be a kid. This is Kary walking alongside her Fil-Am ‘kababata’. I could imagine how excited it was like for a kid to be in a country fair like this.

‘Peryahan’ American style

That day there was a country fair at Del Mar, so Angely took us there to experience the American style ‘peryahan’. It was really far from the traditional town fair that we have back here in the Philippines. There were farm animal and art exhibits, merchandise booth, huge food stalls, kids and adult rides and all sorts of games with all sizes of stuff animals. It really was a feast for the eyes!

Farm animals 🐐🐑🐄

We came across the area where the goats and sheep are being fed by visitors. For a $1, you’ll get a handful of food to feed the animals. The kids went for it, so Kerrigan and I just had to try it for ourselves. I really thought Kerrigan was up for it. You’ll see in our video how reluctant she was, but at least she said hi. 😂
We went home with an obvious tan line but didn’t feel it all. The cool weather made it super comfortable to walk around Del Mar. It was better than what I would normally see in the movies.
Watch our travel vlog because we fed a sheep. 😂