HK Surprise for Bro

It was my brother’s birthday week. I thought it would be nice to greet him in person, in Hong Kong! After some back and forth, budget considerations topped with a YOLO vibe, I said: “Anak! Let’s just go!” I booked a flight, packed our bags and off we go to our flight the next day!

“We are going to surprise my brother in Hong Kong!”, I told my daughter. She just smiled at me.

The following day I went to the airport for a four-hour flight with Kerrigan.

I made sure I only brought the essentials, our outfit for the next three days, one pair of sleepwear for Kerrigan and for myself, formula milk and some snacks.

We arrived quite late so we only had a few hours before my brother’s birthday ends. Luckily, we didn’t miss our chance. He was quite surprised to see Kerrigan walking inside the room. It took him awhile to realize what was happening. He was really happy.


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