How I built my side-hustle to a money-making venture

Recently, I’m slowly getting back to signing up more projects for my ‘solo-preneur’ ventures, digital agency, Bright Presence. It’s a side hustle that I started before I quit my 9 to 5 job so I can say that my online agency was my first baby before my daughter, Kerrigan.

Back then I would literally jump into my side hustle right after finishing my shift, which at times could be 15 hours at the office. I would spend two to three hours more trying to get my own projects. That’s like 17 hours spent on working! But to be honest I didn’t mind. I love what I do in my 9 to 5, but I realize how important it is to value my time and went for working smart. Eventually, I went full time with my side hustle and worked harder on winning projects. I got enough to sustain my business and tripled my income before the end of the year.

This week, I am changing my business strategy. Instead of getting projects when I need them, I am continuously bidding and pitching at least three or five hours a week. I know work will pour in so I am willing to share this project and provide help in managing them, just like what I did in my previous account management work. So far it has been successful! I tried one platform last week and sent out at least five project bids. Surprisingly, I got two replies and won one project less than 30 minutes after bidding. I’m feeling positive on the other three projects so I am preparing for them.

This coming week I’ll be trying an old style in pitching for projects, personalized emails with a brief strategy on how I plan to deliver the digital marketing strategy. I’ll roll up my sleeve and double my efforts. Let’s see the results in a week or two.

I guess the point here is that. Getting projects and earning a good income is really not a problem anymore. I always tell my siblings that having your own source of income is not difficult with your laptops and smartphone. If you are confident with your skill sets, work extra hard on building them, then all you have to do is introduce yourself as someone who can contribute some real value, with that you’ll be receiving what you’re worth.

How about you? What’s your plan to transform your side-hustle into a profitable full time venture?