5 Ways to Handle Work and Housechores like a Pro

No household help? No problem.
In a perfect world, you could imagine yourself sitting in the porch of your home drinking your coffee watching your kid/s run in your garden while you listen to your daily podcasts or randomly watch some YouTube videos, giving no care about the rest of what’s inside your home because you just have all the time in the world.
We are not living in the perfect world nor our kids. This is how I prepared myself for the possibility of doing it all in at home.

You got this!

First, you have to believe that there’s a way to handle the house chores, childcare, and work. Focus on what you can do and how to do it well. No matter how we want it to make our lives chaos free there are days where our ability to quickly transform into a superhuman being will be tested. So, why not be prepared to put on the cape and take charge in the home.

Master Time Management

Learn how to prioritize tasks and when to work on them. Work-related tasks are best done when the home is quiet and free from distractions which are usually in the early morning when everyone is sleeping. You can follow this up with some house chores, food prep or even quick tasks like watering the plants in the garden. That way as soon as they are awake the most important work-related tasks are done. Continue with work as soon as the kids are in school or taking their nap in the afternoon. But, It also means you have to put aside those minor chores that might distract you from finishing your work. Give yourself 10 to 15 minutes for those small tasks and whenever you can, usually the best time to squeeze in some work in between is when your child is busy playing.

Scheduling everything is key

Doing house chores while you work at home isn’t that difficult if you could efficiently schedule the house chores based on how frequent you have to do them. Daily and minor tasks are done in the morning or in between breaks, while the more time-consuming tasks like laundry, ironing and folding of clothes. While deep cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are scheduled every weekend. That way you’ll have more time to work on some projects during the weekday and squeeze in some video tutorials or try an art and design project on a weekend while waiting for the laundry to finish.

Delegate tasks among the family

As much as you want to handle everything, you shouldn’t do that! Why? Because eventually, you’re going to burn yourself out. So, if your kids are old enough to carry out some simple chores like cleaning up their own room, picking up their toys, putting the trash in the bin and so on you must encourage them to help more around the house. Assign age-appropriate tasks to them to build the sense of responsibility among the young members of the family.

Keep yourself healthy

You won’t be able to do your tasks effectively if your tired and sluggish all the time. Boost your immune system to boost your mood as you work through the many tasks you have at home. Block your schedule for regular exercises at home or in the gym, pampering session in the spa or just a simple quiet time sipping your favorite drink while reading a book.
Over to you, work-at-home parent!