6 Reasons why Halloween should be your favourite Holiday, too

Unicorn Ballerina Costume
My 2 year old agreed to wear this rainbow wig on several conditions, one of them was to play at a playground after the Halloween parade. This one is a toy store in Evia Mall where children could play. Worked for both of us!
After having to spend three Halloween seasons with my toddler, I came to realise that it’s my favourite Holiday by far!
Here’s why:

Dressing up could be fun for the family when done stress-free

There’s something about seeing kids wearing costumes. It’s just so adorable and fun to do when done stress-free. I would usually base the costume on the Halloween theme. If there’s no theme, in particular, I would always go for the easy ones like off-the-rack costumes that are available in toy stores. If on a budget, easy DIYs are the best way to go. We tried ‘Futuristic Toddler Boss’ realness on a hotel Halloween party.

Futuristic Toddler Boss Realness

Convincing my toddler to dress up is so much easier

My two-year-old won’t do things unless it makes sense to her, so convincing her to wear a costume takes a little bit of effort and visual examples to get her on-board. This year, same as the last, I had an idea on what her costume would be only because she’s big enough to choose. Her first choice was a ‘monster’ which later on became ‘ballerina’. It became easier! But when you are in the mall looking for the pieces and see this shiny multi-coloured wig in front of you, you’d be ready to bargain with her. It was a hard ‘NO!’ in the beginning, but when she saw this black dog stuff toy our deal was sealed! She’s now a Rainbow-haired Unicorn Ballerina on her school’s Halloween Parade.


Gathering candies teaches kids that “hard work pays off”

I raised my daughter to be glued comfortably on her stroller. That’s one of the reasons why I can bring her anywhere in the world. But somehow the whole stroller-comfort backfires when we are given tasks that will require her to walk, case in point: The Halloween Parade! She basically mastered the art of expressing how tired she’d become after a few walks so telling her to walk on the parade became a challenge. Thankfully, the candies become another reason for her to jump off of her stroller-zone. It was an amazing motivator at the same time it helps mothers like myself to teach the kids about working hard for the things you want to get in life.

Halloween parties everywhere

The tiny humans would usually have an earlier Holiday breaks from their classes. So, looking for things to do while the schools are closed could be a challenge. The good thing is that there are many establishments participate on Halloween seasons. From malls, hotels to restaurants and even gyms, the options are endless! A few days back we purchased ‘Bellevue hotel’s Belleboo Galac-trick or Treat’ at 1,100 Php each, a review will come shortly.

This Holiday will force you to be creative, especially when you’re on a budget

Ready made costumes cost around 2,000 Php and below, then a wig, depending on the quality of its make was around 500 Php. It’s not cheap when you’re on a budget and got plans of joining many Halloween parties. In our case, our attempt to make a spacesuit was a total fail when I realised that the onesies doesn’t fit Kerrigan anymore. After sticking a whole bunch of duct tape, I simply folded the lower part of the suit and transformed it into a ‘Futuristic Toddler Coat’.

Finally, you gain an awesome experience and a new friend

With so much activities to do in a Halloween party, our favourite would meeting a new friend! This year we invited ate Michelle from the office and her daughter Freya to come and join us at the party. Freya was so fun to be with. She and Kerrigan became instant friends the moment they met each other.


She was a Unicorn Ballerina and a Futuristic Toddler Boss Realness, because why not?!