How to get started with your own Christmas traditions

I’m all about creating family traditions. It doesn’t matter how big you are in the family but as soon as your child recognises so many things around her you’ll know that it’s time to bring your A-game with Christmas family traditions.

I was raised in an environment of sharing and giving. Back when I was little, my cousins and I would set up the tree every Christmas season, pile lots of gifts under the tree, making the gifts bigger than the tree itself. And although I don’t remember exactly how our tree looked back then, I remember opening gifts from everyone with my sibs.

So, now that I am a parent myself, it’s about time I introduce my 3-year-old daughter to our very own family tradition… putting up our first Christmas Tree.

Getting the Christmas Tree

We got our tree after holding a birthday party at home. That’s just a few weeks before Christmas, so most Christmas ornaments were already on sale. It meant good savings for me. We got ours from SNR. It was a 7-foot tree with a combination of plastic and rubber leaves so it was softer to touch. Naturally, I shopped with my daughter. It was a chance to show her around while she enjoys all the Christmas ornaments within her reach. I always had to call her and remind her to be careful. Luckily, everything was safe even with her busy hands in the store.

This year’s Christmas Tree theme: Candy Toyland

Since Christmas is about making a new family tradition for my daughter, I designed a Christmas Tree that was familiar to her like the Ginger Breadman, Santa, Rudolph, Nutcracker Soldier, Snowman, Candy Canes, Snowballs with colourful bright Christmas lights. She took the time to look at each plush toy ornaments mentioning their names as she goes around our tree.

Mom’s Little Helper

This year, I made sure she saw how everything could be built if we work on it together. As soon as we got home her Dad helped us put up the tree in our living room while Kerrigan and I hang the ornaments the following day. But not only that, as we got closer to the actual Christmas Day, we kept adding a few more ornaments and even did a DIY of a candy cane, which really wasn’t so effective but still did the job in making our tree cute.

Create, Repurpose and Save

All things Christmas could get really pricey this season. Instead of going for the expensive Christmas ornaments, I chose to DIY some of the ornaments, purchased the items that were on sale and reused brown paper wrappers and cake ribbons for wrapping Christmas presents. 

With all the preparations that my daughter and I did on top of the many things that I needed to do for work and at home, I think we did an awesome job in starting our family tradition and believe it or not I already have a few more to add for next year’s Christmas. 
See you soon!