Kinder City, an indoor playground in the South

The South just got cooler with its newest indoor playground at Vista Mall in Sta. Rosa!

My daughter and I were the happiest duos when we saw the whimsical carnival design concept that greeted us from the lobby. Buntings, hula hoops, drums and hot air balloons of fun colours gave the playground a more vibrant appeal while the friendly staff made the whole place nicer.

Getting inside the play area will take you just three easy steps:

  1. Line up for the payment
  2. Have your temperature checked and photo taken
  3. Leave your shoes on the shoe rack near the entrance.

Like most indoor playgrounds, Kinder City has different areas to cater to all children with various interests.
They have an active play with mini basketball court, three big slides connected to a two-level obstacle course, a spiral slide for smaller tikes and an enclosed mini bounce house.

Things got even cuter as soon as we explored other corners of the playground! I felt like being transported to a vintage toddler town in the role play area. They have five mini structures to bring the magical experience for a pretend play. A child could reenact their favourite Harry Potter scene in the School of Magic, slide on a fire station pole at the Fire Station and be like Goldilocks as they explore The Play House.

A flashback when I was a wicked step-momma in my high school play.

Things became a little more interesting when I found Snow White’s Step Mom’s Mirror right inside the Three Bears’ Cabin. It might feel a little out of place but I guess it’s a way for them to appeal to their tiny customers including myself! I had a quick flashback to when I played the wicked step-momma role back in my high school.

Toddlers as young as two can have a pretend shopping experience at the Little AllDay Super Market which resembles a real supermarket scattered around the South area. If the whole grocery experience tires the youngsters, they could go straight to a mini café similar with Hansel and Gretel’s Ginger Bread House only this time it was a café they branded as the Ginger Bread Café.

And if the whole pretend play isn’t enough for the little ones, they could take turns and pretend to fly an old retro bi-plane and be like Amelia Earhart.

But the vintage appeal doesn’t end there, just right beside the airplane is an old school gas station to match the mini road design that runs around the whole play area.

You might be thinking, “With all these play areas where should a tired parent or guardian stay to catch a breath?”. Kinder City made sure you also have a spot in this colourful place! Just around each play areas, like the ones near the ball pit, there are soft benches that parents can sit on while they follow their kids with their eyes and parent with their voices! I know for sure because I parent with my megaphone infused vocal cords sometimes. Here! Watch one of our playdate videos on my YouTube channel to know what I mean.

Watch our play date vlog with my daughter, @KerriganWintour

With all these fun activities in such a huge area, you’ll be wondering where you can get your hands on to some snacks and drinks. Luckily, the indoor playground made everything available for the whole family! An open snack bar is located in the lobby just a few inches away from the play area, so you could see your kids even if you’re having your snacks outside.

And finally, one of the nicest things they have in the play area located in a mall is a nice and clean restroom! This is such a comfort to know that they have it because most play areas would maximise their areas to an extent that they would leave the restroom responsibility to the mall. For parents with small kids, you have two options one is to hold your pee or beg your “in-the-zone” kid to go with you for a nappy change or to go with you because you just have to go. So, thanks Kinder City for having a nice restroom with surround-sound music while I was using your restroom.

To summarise, here are the list of Wins and Improvement points:

  1. The temperature checking by the entrance is a notch higher than just rubbing alcohol or sanitisers as you enter the play area.
  2. The convenience of having a nice and clean restroom inside the indoor playground is a huge winner for the parents.
  3. The photo taking is a little bit unnecessary for children with guardians but if you’re planning to leave your (old enough) kid in the play area an extra layer of security is important to ensure that only the authorised person will pick them up.
  4. The random playground design theme was a little bit too scattered for me. It was hard to figure if the concept was circus carnival, fairy tale or vintage play area but I guess it would be fine if the aim is to tap on every child’s interest.
  5. The overall ambience and cleanliness of Kinder City were okay. I hope they could maintain the whole place properly.

So, don’t just take my word for it, parents! Take your kids for a playdate. For a price of 250 Php for an hour of play or 400 Php for 3 hrs, your kid can have a nice fun time at Kinder City. Just make sure to prepare 150 Php more to cover the entrance fee of the guardian.

Kinder City is located at the 2nd floor of Vista Mall Sta Rosa

Experience the whole play experience at Kinder City in this video! My daughter tried all of the play areas there.

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