Small Business Owners looking to promote and run their own digital marketing campaigns can also benefit from the Business Coaching Program.

With the 1:1 Business Coaching Program, I’ll help you…

  • Identify which digital marketing platforms are best suited to your business
  • Setup your business’ social media channels
  • Build your business’ website
  • Find out if it’s time to get an external team to assist you with your business
  • Choose one full course on any of these topics:
    1. Basic Google Adwords
    2. Basic Website Management using WordPress
    3. Introduction to Marketing
    4. Facebook Ad Management
    5. Photo and Video Editing
    6. Social Media Management and Marketing
    7. Virtual Assistance

Run your own Digital Marketing Campaign, today!


2 replies on “Tight marketing budget? Run your own Digital Marketing Campaign

    1. Hey Jewel, reading or simply using your own life experiences really help to get more ideas. Actually I have a list of things to write and produce. Feel free to follow my website for more ideas. 🙂

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