Why book sale events are one of my favourite mom-daughter bonding

Last month, the Malaysian book selling event, Big Bad Wolf held its 2019 book sale in Manila. I was so excited about this because it’s my second time shopping from their huge book selections.

Apart from the 24/7 shopping access, I love taking my daughter to bookselling event because it’s where she meets people with similar interest as hers.

The book selection here was almost endless! If I had space I know I could fill up an entire mini library at home.

You can find just about any type of book from board books, activity books, hardbound and those tiny toddler size books with puppets. It was an awesome selection for the little readers!

I felt like I got a good number of books for my toddler but, unfortunately, didn’t find much on the design, marketing and business books. I did get one though and it’s a design and corporate identity book.

Since introducing books to my daughter she’s been growing to love browsing books, looking at pictures and pretend-reading them. So, taking her to BBW 2019 book sale was a no brainer.

Check out our book shopping vlog from Big Bad Wolf 2019

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