What are the things that you should look for in a hotel family room

Aside from the obvious things like cleanliness and safety, having well-placed furniture and fixture can make every vacation a lot more enjoyable for the whole family.

The Beach Room, a chic and modern tropical beauty

A few days ago, I wrote about a review of our stay in The Lind Boracay, a modern hotel in Boracay Island. I got really inspired about writing a separate review of their suite because every detail or at least the ones that mattered to me was there at my disposal.

When you’re the mom, you’re expected to handle the packing and unpacking duties like a pro. Congratulations to those who don’t! But then again, to those who have embraced the responsibility of organising the essentials for a trip with the family, what you need is a space that will support your role as the mom packer.

With space, surface and amenities that the Lind Boracay’s Beach Room has, I was given exactly what I needed.

Storage for your belongings

As you enter the room, a double door closet is available for your clothes. A luggage storage is right beside it to store your bulky luggage and bags. And just below that is a space for your sandy slippers, so you can avoid soiling the room.

Before you explore the entire room, don’t forget to drop your luggage and sandy slippers on this shelf. It’s there for a reason! 🙂

All these available as you enter the room!

Glass water bottles instead of plastic bottles? Now, that’s sustainable!

There’s really no way to find out the type of water bottles they use in a hotel unless you’re in it.

Our room had two glasses of water bottles, two glass jars of dried fruits and three Nespresso coffee pods which were all refillable all throughout your stay.

A glimpse of the sea from the bathroom

From my experience being a parent, a nice bathtub is another fun activity for children. The Beach Room has a soaking tub perfect for relaxing after a day on the beach. It slightly taller than the regular hotel bathtubs and has symmetrical curves adding to its elegant modern appeal. Just remember to help your small children in getting off the tub because its concave shape makes it a bit slippery for children under 3ft.

Large enough for a family of three

There’s no shortage of space and comfort in the Beach Room. It has a king size bed with a faux cement headboard with two matching side tables and sofa bed with a marble coffee table.

And for location independent professionals like Jc, who runs a mobile development studio in Manila, the hotel provides high Internet speed and plenty of power outlets for uninterrupted work.

Who said you can’t have a beach ball on the bed?

My daughter squealed in delight as soon as she saw this beach ball pillow. I had to remind her that we were there for the sand and the sea otherwise, she will be exhausting herself playing in the room with this thoughtful detail, a pillow!

Sweet treats within her reach

A juice drink and four three pieces of cookies to greet the beachgoers

In choosing a hotel room for your family make sure that it fits your needs without going beyond your budget. Style and design are all based on our individual taste but safety and comfort should be the outmost priority.

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Thanks and see you soon!