A mom-daughter budget-friendly way to celebrate Easter

As a kid, we never really celebrated Easter with parties and egg hunting activities. Our traditions were more on Easter’s religious side. But as I slowly carve my style of celebrating things with my daughter, I’ve decided that ours will involve a fun, hassle-free and social approach – because, why not?

Egg painting for Easter 2019
Little Kerrigan painting Quail eggs for Easter

This year we made a little project that involves painting Easter eggs at home. It’s a very relaxing activity that anyone can do when Summer is at its peak in a tropical country. And on Easter Sunday, we are heading to an Easter Egg-hunting event with friends.

The materials for this Easter egg painting art project were pretty simple.


Washable Poster Paint for Kids

Regret-free Washable Poster Paint

Assorted Paint Brushes for Kids

a bunch of small paint brushes for endless mixing and paint applications

A toddler to entertain this long Easter weekend

and Bunny Ears headband to complete the Easter vibe

I wasn’t expecting much, so when we had this basket of eggs, we were really happy with the outcome.

Ta da!

Easter Quail Eggs basket
Instead of a chicken egg, I got us 2 dozens of Quail Eggs to paint.

To make things really fun, we painted our noses too.

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