Work Process: How to run your social media management business from home

When I started my social media management business from home, I only had the most basic of tools: laptop and a wireless mouse. The rest had to rely on a solid work routine to keep my work process smooth and on track. And today, I’m going to share that with you to get your social media management business up to speed.

Here are my tips on how to run a social media management business from home:

Learn what you want to earn

The first agenda is to learn what it takes to run the business on your own. If you’re going to start a business with minimum to almost no capital, chances are you will have to do the entire work, from pitching to clients, preparing proposals, closing deals and so on. As soon as you begin your work, you’ll realise that the regular communications with a client is just a small portion of your daily tasks. You will also have to carve some time to produce the output. At that time, I didn’t have a solid graphic design experience which was essential to creating great content. So, I had to teach myself and relied heavily on online videos and blog tutorials to learn the design part in social media and combined it to what I learned from my PR and Marketing work experience, and I quickly found myself working on actual social media projects.

Get your first projects

In my tips on how to get online jobs and remote work from home, I shared the importance of preparing for an online job the same way you would when applying for regular office work. Iron out your CV and make sure you have a portfolio to show. No prior work experience? Not a problem! What you can do is create your sample social media projects to convince potential clients that you could perform the task of an experienced social media manager. Strengthen your claim by establishing your social media presence and demonstrating your skills and knowledge to your brand.

Redefine what you’ve learned from your previous work

I am forever grateful for the things I’ve learned from my previous PR and Marketing Communications jobs I’ve had in the past. I didn’t only learn how to set up an event from start to finish; I have also learned how to manage a team of creatives to produce an entire campaign. All of those learnings, I brought to the table to help my clients.

Establish your work routine

One of the things I learned from managing a social media management business from home was that you will be easily swamped the moment you start working on a project. I started loosing a lot of sleep trying to keep up with the crazy time difference between my US clients. I took calls in the middle of the night and work on the actual projects by day and submit them before my end-of-day. It was a clock work. Before I celebrated my third month, I realised, I was burning out fast! While there’s nothing wrong with hustling hard, forgetting to take care of yourself will be a huge mistake. Create a daily work routine that respects your need for a me-time. It will improve your focus and stamina to handle the toughest work.

Prepare to hustle

Unless you have some fund to start a remote team, you’ll be surprised at the amount of work you’ll be having when you run your social media management business from home. Reinvest what you earn to grow your business by automating your work process. I’ve shared my social media tools that improved my work process. But eventually, I started getting my small team to help on the grunt work so I could focus on getting new projects.

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