What to pack in a carry on for a weekend in Singapore

Just last weekend, Kerrigan and I went to Singapore to attend two carnivals in the island city-state in the Southeast Asia, Children’s Festival at the Gardens by the Bay and the Pokémon Parade at Sentosa Cove. But before we flew there, I had to make sure that I will be traveling with just a carry-on.

The goal was to pack as light as possible and with that I had to bring only the essentials.

What’s inside our bag

  • One set of clothes each for me and my daughter
  • One set of mini travel bottles that has our toiletries
  • Sunscreen and cap
  • Canon M50, Rode camera microphone, and Gorilla Tripod
  • Laptop with charger
  • Power bank and phone chargers

We also brought a lightweight and durable umbrella stroller.

See what’s inside my carry on bag in this vlog!

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