Tips on how to spot legit online projects

Over the years, popular freelancing platforms began limiting the number of projects that you can bid on and recently another job marketplace introduced a payment scheme for sending proposals. Some freelancers and part-time remote workers find this new policy a bit frustrating, especially to those who are new to the virtual workforce.

According to the online marketplaces, it is a way to maintain high quality in writing proposals. But for first-time online freelancers, how do you ensure your precious bid point is going to a legit employer?

Here are some tips on how to select quality projects before you bid on them.

Shortlist online jobs based on its job details

Review the online jobs you find on freelancing platforms. Typically, a legit job comes with a clear and complete job description that lets you know right away if the job is for you. Look for full details on the scope of work, client’s expectations and requirements. Sometimes a vague job description could lead to wasting on a bid point if it turns out to be not a good fit for both the freelancer and employer.

See if the project budget is reasonable to the scope of the task

A few years back, seeing $10 to $30 per hour for any digital marketing position or virtual assistant work is easy. Today, you would see as little as $3 hourly rate for the same job. The barrier of entry to virtually anyone who has a working computer and a good Internet connection has become easier for everyone making the online freelance work industry more and more competitive. If you are a seasoned online freelancer, this shouldn’t be much of a problem to you because by now you would have a robust portfolio to back up your claim. Now, if you are starting, this shouldn’t be a reason to dishearten you from trying. Bid on small budget projects for as long as you will remain transparent on your skills and job experience as a newbie online freelancer.

Check if the employer’s account was verified

You’ll know if the employer is invested enough to get a reliable online freelancer when the employer’s account has completed most of the five verification process. The Employer Verification includes the Payment Method, Deposit, Email Address, Profile and Phone Number.

Aim for those employers that have good ratings

Good employer ratings could also be one of your ways to find suitable employers. A good employer rating could mean that they are easy to work with, pays on time and provides excellent work opportunities for online freelancers. If you find one, make sure to give a world-class level of work.

Use the projects completed and review count as your gauge in spotting legit online job providers.

Projects completed and review count is not only for finding great online freelancers. It’s also for spotting legit employers who are experienced in hiring online freelancers from anywhere in the world. If you see 10 and above the number of ratings, it could mean that they are recruiters who have a system in place for efficiency in managing online freelancers. To be able to join their online freelancer pool could give lots of opportunities for continuous projects, so be sure to give your best in working with them.

So, what are you waiting for?

Apply these tips on your next bidding to online freelancing jobs.

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