A Week in Our Lives: Our Brand-new Condo is Getting Fixed

Yup! You read it right! It’s a brand-new condo and yet there were just so many things that needed to get fixed. It comes with the whole experience of buying a condominium property. Nothing is really polished when the unit is turned over to the owner. It’s the reason why most properties have at least a year of warranty. Within those 12 months you should expect a lot of fixing to do, forgotten spots, wear and tear and so many other things apart from the moving in, unpacking and renovations.

BUT, if you are with have a good building management team who really tries hard to make everything right for you, things will be easier.

Hey, parents if you are buying a property or almost ready to receive your unit for turn over, PLEASE don’t forget to read my upcoming tips on How to spot check your condo unit coming out real soon!