[Video] The Robot Building Blocks Challenge

Oh! Bloooocks! I thought it was easy until I saw the instructions! I’m glad my little daughter forgave of her Mom’s panic attacks over building blocks.

As a kid, I was never really into religiously following toy manuals nor following directions to build a block tower or any objects at all. Anything that looks way too complicated, which meant anything that takes more than five steps is considered tedious work. BUT, things ultimately change when you have a kid of your own. Suddenly you choose to be more patient in building toy blocks and turning them into what they really should be.

I wish I could say I was successful on building the Latt Liv Transformer building block toy…

WARNING: Toy block pieces are really small so make sure to supervise your kid during play.

We haven’t opened the purple transformer toy as of today. So, I’m giving it another go in the coming days. I know my daughter will be happy to work on it with me and this time no more help from Dad, promise! 😉