How to return to blogging and build a solid content after a long break

Are you like me guilty of keeping and paying for hosting and a domain name that you didn’t use for a very long time?

Or have you given up and just let your online presence expire along with your content ideas?

Hey! I’m not judging because just like you there was a point (a very long one) where I stopped blogging and allowed things to go south when it comes to updating and nurturing my blog. I let things fall apart, thinking tomorrow is the best time to sit and start working on the blog.


Today is the best time to start blogging again!

Here are the steps to return to blogging with a solid content after a long break.

Rethink what your blog or website is all about

Take this comeback to blog a chance to rethink what your blog has to offer. Consider adding something new to your usual content mix to give it a fresh new start. If you think your previous content still works, then maybe updating your content is the next best thing to do. For example, my website has always been about my motherhood experiences and milestones of my daughter. It includes our travel and road trip adventures, but as my daughter grows, her childhood experiences grow alongside her. These changes have an impact on how I am as a hands-on mom trying to manage my time between work and home, which I’m getting good at through practice. Most of these are shared on my blog and social media channels.

Give your brand a fresh new look

Starting over is an opportunity to set new standards on producing content while solidifying your brand and identity. For instance, my website started as a blog sharing my story as a first-time mom. I used to have the Gema theme, which has a grid and squarish layout, but as my content categories became richer, I decided to use the minimalist-magazine layout. The new website layout gave order to how I present my content without compromising its clean design. As for the media, like the photos and videos, I applied similar colour tones and improved its quality to emphasise the brand and identity. Doing this was made easy with Adobe Lightroom

social media tools in 2019

Introduce ways to help your community with products and services

A lot of bloggers and industry experts extend the power of their blog into products and services that could potentially serve as a source of income. But this strategy could also backfire if you lack the preparation and resources to create stellar offerings that your audience will genuinely appreciate. Aim to have a steady pace in building products and services based on what your audience needs and maintain complete transparency on where you are in terms of delivering the products and services you wish to provide.

Plan your content weeks or months ahead

Have a steady “blogging” come back with a solid plan on how to have consistent content. I remembered in my interview last month. I got asked about my strategy in producing content for my websites. The truth is simple, and free applications are enough to achieve a great job to keep you on the track like Google Sheets. Create your content calendar regularly depending on your content theme and topic. One way to go is to write about a product or service that you would like to promote.

Create your social media promotion strategy

There are so many ways to promote your website. One of the most popular ways is by featuring it on your other social media channels. You could also create an ad campaign out of it or develop a creative strategy to boost your organic reach through a creative way in presenting your content.

Learn and improve as you go

Since I returned to blogging sometime in April, I saw my reach and daily visit grow, but it comes with a lot of hard work. From a once in a blue moon approach in producing content, I turned into a content machine, writing and creating content about my tips on working-from-home, travel tips with my three-year-old daughter and featured my one-on-one coaching about freelancing and virtual assistant work.

There are endless opportunities when you have your blog or website. For me, it has become my creative outlet while sharing the things I have learned in freelancing, working-from-home, digital marketing, and so on. It’s just a matter of committing to a good comeback and sticking to your content schedule.

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