12 online jobs for the savvy freelancers

This online job post was updated on Feb 10, 2020

Do you want to get started working-from-home or get more projects online jobs this year?

Brush up your skills in writing proposals because I’m sharing 12 of the most attractive online jobs for the online freelancers. Who knows maybe one of these online jobs could jumpstart your 2020 goals.


If you want some tips on how to write a proposal for an online job, score these proven tips:

How to write your proposal for an online job.

1. CRM for Travel and Tours Company

Passionate to work on a travel and toys industry? If you a stellar organization skills and could sell travel packages on the fly, then it is your chance to work-from-home. Send your bid here.

2. Virtual Assistant

Do you have work experience in automation work systems, managing projects and general customer support duties? Becoming a VA could be the sweetest deal for you this February! Learn more about Virtual Assistant responsibilities. The description of this online job is found here.

3. Full-time Social Media and Sales Manager

A manufacturing company is looking for a savvy social media marketer who could lead their influencer marketing outreach and work on regular social media management. Head to the job post here.

4. Brand, Marketing and Social Media Assistance

An independent writer, consultant, speaker and expert on ageing and family caregiving is looking for someone who could take over the updating of her website. If you think your web development skills are up to par to the requirements, then go ahead and send your application. Find the complete details of the design job here.

5. Content Creator for Social Media and Website

Are you a rockstar content creator? If you think you can create compelling content for a website and social media, then put your best foot forward and bid on this job. Use Canva to create your first social media content. Visit Canva today. Cheers to having this job this year go ahead and get the full details here.

6. Paid Search Specialist

Are you looking to demonstrate your skills in creating ad campaigns? This online job would be a good starting point for those looking to try their skills in ad campaigns. Submit your proposal here.

7. Marketing Collateral Package

Could you churn out professionally designed marketing collaterals? This business in Australia is looking for someone who could complete their marketing collateral package within a week. If you are up for the challenge, show your best work here.

8. Google Adwords Account Manager

Are you willing to manage more than five Google Adwords account? Or would you be willing to dedicate your time running Google Adwords campaigns? If you are up for the challenge, check out this job post today. Feel free to take your chance by applying for the job here.

9. SEO Specialist

An employer is looking for an SEO specialist who could build good backlinks or other off-site google index tools. Learn more about the project here.

10. Google Adwords Campaign Manager

Can you create and manage ‘Google or Bing Ad-word Campaign’ for our ‘Technical Support Business’ in the UK? If you think you could compete for this job, the go-ahead and send your bid. The employer prefers locals in the UK but if you could prove your skillset maybe you could win the project. Get the details here.

11. Logo and Brand Designer

Do you specialize in logo designs and text designs? Send a sample of your online portfolio for a higher chance of attracting clients. Find out more about the project here.

12. Online marketing for ecommerce

Do you have substantial experience in managing an e-commerce website and creating social media campaigns? This online marketing job could be the right freelancer work for you. Send your bid here.

Do you need a social media tool to help you create your first social media content plan?

Sign up for an account on Canva and start creating social media campaigns here!

Best of luck! 😉

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