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Today, I’m going to share my process and how I manage the daily grind of creating content and getting site visitors for FREE.

My goal this year was to become a full-time content creator and a blogger. I gave my website a fresh new look, planned its structure and monetization and shared exactly what I did in this post

So far, it has been a great blogging journey for me, and I wrote a few reason why you should give blogging a try, too. 

I’ve been getting consistent traffic from all over the world, the site visits and subscribers have shown steady growth. But the search algorithm and ranking system are constantly changing, which makes it tricky to stay on top of every search engine update.

Luckily, I’ve discovered some resources that you could bookmark to get your regular dose of knowledge discovery.

Starting with this…

Learn how search algorithms work in 2020 (and beyond)

There is no better resource to get updates about Google Search Algorithm but the search engine itself. To save you time, I’ve listed down a summary on Google’s Search Algorithm and ranking factor here:

  • Google Search Algorithm considers different factors to let your website rank in the results page. The words you use in your query, page relevance, sources, location and search engine settings are the factors that algorithm sifts through to determine your ranking.
  • Google Search has become more and more sophisticated in analyzing the meaning of your queries. Take advantage of this algorithm by placing specific keywords that would signal the exact meaning of your content.

What’s the real meaning of your query?

  • Stay consistent in writing your content because search engines analyze every nook and corner of your webpage to evaluate its relevance. Sprinkle those keywords you want to rank in on the title, heading and body of the text. Also, include photos or videos that have properly labelled alt text.
  •  The expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of your webpage affect the quality of your content. It is when notable websites link to a website.

Do you get page links from other quality websites?

  • Check the usability of your website in terms of its page speed and mobile-friendly capabilities. PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest can run some testings to check your websites pain points
  • The location and search settings of your browser determine the results that you’ll get.

Follow the work of leading SEO experts for some solid SEO and Content Marketing tips

As a content creator/ blogger or owner of an online business, you have SEO experts and content marketing gurus in mind when looking for tips and advice. I do, too. I would read emails or watch video guides from Brian Dean and Rand Fishkin for two reasons.

The two provides the latest and straight-forward tips in SEO and content marketing. All you need is to summarize and make it into a checklist so you can follow through more quickly.

Continue learning with SkillShare

Skillshare is currently giving away two months free of premium access to their online learning portal. So far, I have been binge-watching a handful of tutorials from reputable industry experts on SEO, productivity, business management and more.

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