How we celebrated Heart’s Day 2020

A mom’s guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day with a preschooler

My mom-brain was thinking about two things: “How can we have a peaceful Valentine’s Day lunch?” and “What to give the family this season?”

Since I enjoyed the organic food at The Wholesome Table, Kerrigan and I returned after a few days to have our mom-daughter Valentine’s Day lunch. But this time, we had an activity in place to celebrate the season. She created Valentine’s Day cards for the family!

Kerrigan created about five Valentine’s Day cards with different designs on them. But, of course, she didn’t forget to include her signature heart! Kerri’s Signature Heart is usually made from two colors, black and pink with tiny eyes on them.

The Valentine’s Day inspired activity kept her busy while we enjoy our Truffle Burger and fries and Chicken Teriyaki brown rice with Unicorn Lemonade juice.

She completed all five unique designs for her Lelong, Nonna Lina, Zia Eloisa, Zio Wendell and Ninang Nanay Gie.

And of course, she didn’t forget to draw her signature heart on herself too.

Watch our Heart’s Day Vlog Special here

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