Mom and baby’s first road trip at two months postpartum to an eco-park resort in Batangas

At two months postpartum, Kerrigan and I were ready to explore places together on our first-ever road trip adventure.

A first-time mom’s guide on US tourist visa application – (for the parent with a toddler edition)

When I was pregnant with Kerrigan, I vowed to have lots of fun activities and trips together. It includes going on an international trip before she turns two. And just as planned, when I got my pre-baby strength back at two months old, we drove to our first out-of-town trip to San Pablo, Batangas. At fourContinue reading “A first-time mom’s guide on US tourist visa application – (for the parent with a toddler edition)”

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How this hotel in the South saved us in the middle of the night

For today’s blog, I’m sharing how our September trip to Nuvali almost sent us back home in the middle of the night. Thankfully, the universe had a better plan and led us to Seda, Nuvali.

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How to commute in Rome with a toddler in tow [Part 2]

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Travelling with my daughter was has always been an adventure. No boring moments just fun and crazy ones!

Travel Diary: I took my daughter to my first home country [Part 1]

Returning to my first home with my little one has always been a dream of mine. So, when I finally had the chance, budget, time and multiple reasons to fly there, I just went for it.