How I started my career in Web3 Marketing and where it’s going in 2023

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Back in 2021, I clearly remember seeing a bunch of YouTube content about Web3, but because I was too busy working on my digital marketing projects, I needed more brain space to take it seriously. It didn’t make sense to put my attention on Web3 when I was doing well with Web2. But that didn’t last long. When things stopped making sense at my former marketing agency, it compelled me to look into other opportunities. Being in this ultra-competitive digital marketing industry, not pivoting or at least expanding to the next shiny new thing meant putting your career at risk! People on the internet started talking about insane NFT sales, smart contracts, and blockchain, and there was just no way to avoid it! Simply put, if people are talking about Web3 and its sub-sector like metaverse, NFT, crypto, and so on, why am I not turning this into an opportunity?

Suddenly, working as a project manager for a purely digital marketing agency posed a threat to becoming a digital dinosaur. There were no plans to transition to Web3 since the technology was in its infancy. And the volatile conditions of its sub-sector, like the cryptocurrency, didn’t help in the adaption. However, with endorsements from tech giants like Elon Musk and Hollywood celebrities, the blockchain’s sub-sector, like NFTs, Crypto, Metaverse, and DeFi, skyrocketed in popularity. One example was how the popularity of NFTs took over the internet. What was once just a jpeg digital art became the latest shiny object!

So, by the time I finally took Web3 seriously, it had gone through a series of controversies ranging from the volatility of cryptocurrencies to a bunch of rug pulls from NFT projects. But despite the uncertain future of Web3, it didn’t stop the giant brands ranging from cosmetics, events, fashion, and F&D, to name a few, from incorporating Web3 into their marketing strategy.

How my Web3 career started

Ultimately, by the first quarter of 2022, I dove head-first into the complex world of Web3! My project management skills were tested when I became Head of Delivery for a Web3 startup led by three Filipino co-founders. From a few members, we grew to almost 40 after only a few months of operation, but more about that in my upcoming blogs! But the real challenge came when we needed to work and find ways to organize ourselves. And boy, I cried buckets of tears – it was that hard! We worked on product features to fulfill our commitments to partner brands and continuously built our app. Everything was so new, and even though m. There’s only one way to know if an idea is doable: if we are crazy enough to try it!

A few months into my HD role, I was offered to become the OIC for the marketing group. And this current role and my team will continue to evolve as Web3 is still in its early stages. Today, we are a team of 7, but I can anticipate the changes in the coming weeks with the current speed of emerging tech trends.

Where my Web3 career is going

As I write this section, I’m currently learning more and more about ChatGPT and other AI marketing and creative tools circulating online! And it’s overwhelming! Web3 and AI are so new, at least for me, yet so powerful that it has been spreading like wildfire online. Before starting this blog, I swore to stick to Web3, but with AI currently dominating the scene, it’s impossible not to discuss it and tell you my game plan for using it at my job.

So, here’s how I see my Web3 career will grow with AI


With AI, my Web3-related research and other processes are cut in half

I’m already cutting my Web3 workload in half by speeding up my research time. So, here’s a little controversy surrounding the use of AI for research. ChatGPT’s database of information was from 2021, and some information could be more accurate. I wouldn’t consult ChatGPT for anything Science, Medical, and maybe History related, as it tends to deliver inaccurate results or anything beyond 2021, at least for now. I would still rely on Google Search from reputable sites.


My ideation and brainstorming-sessions will be generated with AI but the actual content will still be me, the brand!

What creative block? You’ll never get the creative or creator block when writing content for web3 with AI. Open ChatGPT, ask a question, get ideas, prompt, or query for more details, and you’ll have hundreds if not thousands of ideas flowing in if the system isn’t down. Typically, ChatGPT is down during North America’s daytime! The system freezes during these hours. And if ever you are tempted to use AI to write blogs for you, think twice! It won’t take long until Google releases a new algorithm penalizing AI-generated content. So, sure! Perplexity and burstiness will still be very high in my blog because there’s no way I’m using AI to write my content without research and a ton of paraphrasing.


There’s always something to talk about in the Web3 community with AI as your wingman

To grow and thrive as a web3 marketer learning more about community marketing is just one of the ways to go! Despite the convenience of having AI-like chatbots, most humans (I hope!) prefer to talk to real people because why wouldn’t they? The only difference now is you will always have things to say because there’s always a topic to generate using AI. Copy and paste whatever you want for as long as you remain in the conversation leading the community into something eye-opening or engaging!

“Your work conditions determine your work-from-home success.”

Elle Anorma


AI will support my Web3 Marketing work and not overtake it! (for now)

With AI dominating 2023 and beyond, the content will be increasingly overwhelming, for sure! People will find it harder to distinguish fake content, AI-generated content, from accurate and trustworthy content. And just last night, I saw a job ad for an AI-assisted blog writer! So, that’s working with AI as your tool to actually finish a ton of your work. All you have to ensure is that you know the principles and what you’re doing in using AI as your tool to aid your work. I’ve already started researching how to become an AI manager for Web3 marketing, and so far, I have yet to find anything. Becoming an AI manager or knowing how to manage AI will involve research to fact-check and manage AI-produced content and materials. I see myself investing time in learning more about managing AI, allowing it to support my work and not overtake it.


AI is here and it’s now mainstream!

Finally, I will make Web3 and AI easier to understand for Filipinos, guiding them as they navigate their way through this insane and overwhelming technology! Creating content around it to show it should be done the right way without replacing the actual “thinking process.” So, yes, I will be back to being in front of my good old Canon M50, trying to influence people to think far ahead for their future and their kid’s future because AI is here, and its now mainstream!

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