Budget-friendly Toddler Activities from the Holiday break

… to continue this 2019

Jigsaw puzzle, baking tools, Lego blocks, frying pan and spatula

One of the common questions that any parent of a toddler would ask is what are the toddler activities that you can do at home. But the question might slightly different when you are on a Holiday.

Would you go on an out-of-town trip or would you take your family abroad?

Parents on a budget have a clear (straight) answer to this – let’s just stay home!

Last year, we focused on getting a home. I sold my car and got a new one so budget wise we really are trying to replenish what we already spent. This is why I had to make sure most of our Holiday activities were within a small budget. We even skipped Disney on Ice! That’s the level of cost-cutting that we had to make.

We got busy in the kitchen

Normally, as a parent, we would busy ourselves in the kitchen while everyone is still sleeping so as soon as they wake up Momderella has everything prepared for them but not me this Holiday! I waited for my daughter to wake up, ask her what she likes then we cook or bake it together. Things could get a little messier and it didn’t matter because when we prepare something with our little one, we are teaching them so many things.

The first one would be…

“In our home, we help each other to make delicious things.”

Elle Anorma

Educational toys to keep us sharp

The opportunity to meet family paved the way for my daughter to receive so many gifts. It gave her a chance to try out new toys including a LEGO set. She just went crazy with her LEGO Friends set! Though she didn’t exactly build hers, it was a chance to bond during play. If you can’t get your hands on a LEGO set right away, maybe a jigsaw puzzle is your alternative educational toy. We got her first jigsaw puzzle from a birthday party. It was surprising to see her piece together a simple puzzle. So, if on a budget a LEGO set at a discounted price or a few pieces of a new jigsaw puzzle would interest an active toddler, anytime!

Swimming by the pool

A family from Italy went home during the Holidays and stayed at SM Winds, a condominium in one of the coolest destination in Laguna. The condo has almost all of the recreational indoor activities for everyone. It would be a shame to pass on a few swimming sessions with the family. With a floater around her, my daughter and the rest of the family enjoyed a lukewarm pool party in Tagaytay’s cool weather.

Dancing with the stars

Nope, we didn’t meet any stars or celebrities… oh! We actually did, when we went to see my college friends. One of my former classmates is an actor and the rest have a star-like personality, so crazy and funny! My daughter and I were able to do a little singing and dancing while with them in a coffee shop. But the best part though was to see my daughter danced at a wedding with her Lelong. She was just the ultimate meetup/party buddy!

I live for the stories

I have to say my most favourite part of the holiday season were the moments when my daughter and I would just sit in a corner to read a book. She’s very active and playful energy in her but when it’s time to ready she would sit quietly and listen intently. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have a book or just making up stories for as long as you got a story to tell.

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