Tips on how to spot legit online projects

Here are some tips on how to select quality projects before you bid on them.

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How to return to blogging and build a solid content after a long break

Are you like me guilty of keeping and paying for hosting and a domain name that you didn’t use for a very long time?

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Mom, spit it (food) out because it’s hard.


You don’t spit things out because it’s hard. You just have to chew harder.

Just like I was when I was a little girl, I used to pocket my food for hours. My daughter does the same when she becomes too busy with playing.

Pocketing is when you keep your food in your mouth because it’s just too hard to swallow.

Today, I teach my kid not only how to finish her food in the hopes of teaching her how to persevere when things and situations become too difficult.

Voda Krasna, a relaxing workation for new parents

A throwback to our three-day stay in Voda Krasna, a serene and modern beach resort in Alcoy, Cebu

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What you need to know if you want to become a virtual assistant

From organising the office files, setting meeting reminders to handling business and creative tasks from an office desk, a virtual assistant can do so much more!

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Work Process: How to run your social media management business from home

Here are my tips on how to run a social media management business from home:

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Why I still use these social media tools

Here is my list of the applications that works well to this day.

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How to thrive in the competitive online job marketplace

There’s a way to get you started without feeling miserable because this space has slowly become more and more competitive.

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Where to look for online jobs and remote work

Tried and tested ways to help you win online jobs from home

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