What the flagship of iPhone Pro and iPhone 11 features mean to Content Creators

Okay, I get it! We are all in an era where everyone loves to create content. The latest smartphone features from the iPhone Pro and iPhone 11 says it all. Apple’s target market are those looking to live with their smartphones to take 4K photos and videos in every frame rate possible.

The Generation of Content Creators

Either we grow exhausted or keep on creating more and more content until we all turn ourselves into a generation of content creators. And if you belong in the latter, which I know I am, it’s also okay because “sharing is caring”. We have to be more creative and infuse our uniques personal style in producing our content. With billions (or is it trillions) of people on the planet, is it going to be easy to have that unique personal style?

4K video quality for everyone

Anyway, both iPhone models can take 4K videos using the front and back cameras which means larger video file size. So, getting just the 64GB would mean you need to save those photos and videos somewhere safe. Check thousands of write-ups and tech vlogs to get the full details of the feature. I’m not going to mention the nitty-gritty tech specs. I’m just saying it’s a dream come true for those like me who take videos on my own. That’s a crisp selfie video of myself! I usually run after my daughter giving me a few chances to be on the frame, but with FilMic Pro’s compound frames, I get a video selfie while filming my daughter’s crazy antics.

Goodbye double chin because the iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro have the multiple-camera system

I can’t tell you how many times I had to pop my second chin out, trying to fit my subject into my iPhone’s screen. With the multiple-camera system, I can now shoot in ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto. That’s a lot of camera frame sizes minus the one-step-back to fit my subject in the frame.

No more loud background voice with the Audio Zoom

Have you watched any of my vlogs on YouTube? No? Good! You’ll have to cover your ears from time to time or put the video on mute because you’ll hear me laughing and calling my daughter in our travel vlogs. The Audio Zoom is a dream come true for someone like me who gets annoyed at the sound of their voice.

Brightness for up to 1200 Nits (a.k.a. Night Mode on fleek!)

Goodbye grainy videos on low-light because this 1200 Nits sounds so about right when filming on poor-lighting condition. It means photo and videos taken on low-light will be crisp and dramatic. I could already see saving time during post-production.

Is there a bubble waiting to burst from all the ultra-sharp photo and video quality?

Are the camera companies going out of business in the near future for smartphones to take over? Well, I only use my iPhone 8 for Stories, and I still love my Canon M50 but flipping the screen back and forth is quite challenging when filming with my toddler.

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