Battle of the Air fryers: Here are the air fryers we found online

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The air fryer brands took a massive win in this trending kitchen appliance uptake, especially in the pandemic. But don’t take my word for it; my stats was based on the number of times I’ve seen posts and YouTube videos which was a lot!

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The thing is, I don’t have an air fryer yet. And it’s giving me the “air fryer envy” big time! So, here’s a list of the air fryers I found recently.

5L Air Fryer Large with LCD Touch Screen Digital display

Don’t you just love the Gold lid and handle on this air fryer? This air fryer boasts an LCD touch screen display which is easier to clean.

Xiaomi Onemoon Air Fryer

The Xiaomi Onemoon Air Fryer has a 4.5L capacity ideal for high capacity cooking. It has a rapid pre-heating featuring to minimize your waiting time.

Kaisa Villa Air Fryer

Are you looking for something compact for your small apartment? Me too! This Kaisa Villa air fryer is a slick 3.2L capacity and comes in three colors: black, green and red.

Hanabishi Air Fryer 7.0L

The Hanabishi Air Fryer is the most expensive and biggest capacity air fryer I found online. Perfect for big families or even parties. And the reviews for this air fryer seems positive.

Kyowa Air Fryer 7L

Here’s another large-capacity air fryer that most buyers rave about. You can bake, roast and fry with this air fryer without the oil.

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