10 Products to transform your pantry

Is it time to revamp your pantry? Here are some of the items I found to inspire zen in our pantries.

After almost three years of living in a condo, I realized how much stuff we have accumulated in those short years. I have things from when my daughter was a baby and a toddler. And it keeps growing now that she’s in preschool. The pantry also has reusable plastic wares that I’ve been hoarding for so long because I wasn’t sure how to dispose of them until I found many Facebook pages dedicated to recycling plastics, but more of that on the next blog.

As a result, our tiny pantry became a junkyard. Hopefully, after a good decluttering, these curated items will give our small pantry a fresh new look.

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I scoured the nook and crannies of online stores to find items for our pantry. You can follow the link to check prices or to learn more about the things below.

01 LocknLock Easy Open Dry Food Container 5L

This easy-to-use half-open type flip-top lid makes it convenient to access your food. Perfect for dry food like cereals, grains and beans. The cream, earth-toned color suits scandi-themed spaces or those with minimalist aesthetics.

Lock and Lock Door Pocket Canister Square 1L

02 LocknLock Glass Jar Canister

The glass canister is perfect for keeping those nuts and cereals crisp and fresh for longer. It also has different sizes to hold macaroni or spiral pasta.

multifunctional non-slip rotating storage tray 2

03 Multifunctional Non-slip Rotating Storage Tray

Have you seen The Home Edit? Now, I know it isn’t exactly like those acrylic containers, but it does rotate sweetly so you can quickly get those bottles and spices.

04 Stocked Wrought Iron Wire Storage Basket

I like this iron wire storage basket because its industrial appeal works well in any areas of your home. I can imagine fruits like apples, oranges and lemon sitting in this basket. It’s also suitable for organizing your bath and cleaning products.

05 Iron Mesh Basketry

I found the same iron mesh but with hooks. It’s a 30.5cm stackable rack organizer perfect for storing back stocks. I’m not sure if it’s true, but this product also claims to stand rust or fade. What do you think?

LocknLock Modular Spice Set 6pc with Wooden Rack 2

06 LocknLock Modular Spice Set 6pc with Wooden Rack

Do you also buy spices from different brands and keep them in the same container until they are empty? Chances are, you have all these random spice bottles in different colors and sizes.

3 layer Storage Organizer Movable Rack

07 3 layer Storage Organizer Movable Rack

I love how you can conveniently move this storage rack just about anywhere. Keep it in the pantry when you don’t need it, or move it closer to you if you need your spices or condiments.

💎 Bonus Tip

If you’re looking for other LocknLock products, you can find them here.


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