Celebrating Kerrigan’s 2nd Birthday

How to celebrate a toddler’s birthday


KW 2nd Birthday - friends 2
Already warming up with everyone, here is Kerrigan all smiles when we told them: “Wednesday!”. (instead of a smile, get it?)

Weeks and months prior to my two-year old’s birthday, I had a few ideas on what we would do to celebrate. I thought about a lunch or dinner at home with a whole bunch of party decors, party foods that I will personally cook and even an out-of-the-country getaway to celebrate her special day. But as soon as her birthday gets closer and closer, I realized how much time and preparation it would take to pull out even just a simple get together at home. And though it’s embarrassing to admit, I had to keep things pretty simple based on what we had in our budget. I was about to become really sad about not having a party for Kerrigan when I got the chance to catch up with my former college classmates who were so kind to help in celebrating her second birthday.

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“The truth about celebrations is that you don’t need a lot, you just need a few who truly cares to celebrate with you.” – Elle Anorma

The Celebration: Small but Fun

My daughter’s birthday was on the busiest time of the year, December! Ultimately, almost no one is available or has the time to brave the holiday traffic. I’m glad Kerrigan chose the first week of the month as her birthday. 😜 Somehow the traffic was still manageable on weekdays. So, falling on a Tuesday, we just had to celebrate on the exact date with friends who were available that day. The plan was to have lunch together and have the kids play at Kidzoona while we adults catch up with our years worth of life stories.

The Concept: Garden Lunch and Indoor Play

My good friend, Deniece, had this idea about having our lunch at @18DaysNuvali because they have an outdoor space separate from the main food and coffee restaurant. It has a Filipino-inspired interior with its Capiz windows surrounding the space, wooden chairs and tables, stained glass windows and faux greens that drapes the arch entrance of the outdoor nook. The kids walked around the area with ease while we keep watch. After our meals, we took the kids to Kidzoona to play.

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The Budget: More or less $90 for 12 people (in USD)

That’s right! It only cost me $90 or less I think because the food was really affordable plus the indoor play place only pays for the kids while one adult company for each kid is free.

The Takeaway: Less is More

You really don’t have to spend a lot to celebrate your kid’s special day. There’s also no need to stress out! With help from friends, you can celebrate a small party with a blast. I know because as I look at my daughter’s photos and videos with our friends I could see she’s had a great time.


KW 2nd Birthday - KW
Happy 2nd Birthday Kerrigan!


It was a fantastic day, everyone did enjoy even for a short time. So, for other parents out there, remember this take away that I got from the whole experience of celebrating my daughter’s birthday:


“Too much love never spoils children. Children become spoiled when we substitute presents for presence.” – Anthony Witham



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