How we celebrated Halloween in 2020

We’ve been in quarantine since March, and we have about four different levels of quarantine. And none of these restrictions allowed us to our usual lifestyle. Surprisingly, we have learned to cope and make the most of the whole situation.

I learned more about my kid through play at KidZania Manila

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3 Ways to Learn from Home feat. BrainPop Jr.

We tried three ways to keep my daughter engage during the learning session using a traditional workbook, a computer and some practical learning application.

How to enjoy a long-haul flight with a toddler

My first US trip with my 18-month old daughter was the quickest and one of the bravest adventures that we had together, so far.

How we saved our first international trip with our toddler from failure

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Mom-daughter commute experience at Sentosa Island

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Dear Kerrigan: Here’s how you’re thriving in this uncertain time

Before everything turns into a blur, here’s a letter to my little adventurer who thrives in the most uncertain time.

What we found at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2020

We almost didn’t attend the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale this year! I’m glad we didn’t miss it.

How we celebrated Heart’s Day 2020

A mom’s guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day with a preschooler

The Wholesome Table, the healthier alternative with real flavors

The unforgettable Spinach Dip reminded me to dine again after nearly two years