Content Marketing

Create and distribute valuable content to reach your audience.

Do you need to run a content marketing campaign for your business?

What would be the most recent content that you’ve watched or read that made a lasting impression on you? Did you learn something new from it? Or perhaps it made you laugh or cry? It’s exactly what a content marketing campaign aims to achieve – provide a valuable content to a defined audience.

Content Marketing is defined as a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – to drive customer action. 

The definition was inspired by Content Marketing Institute.

The primary objective of a content marketing campaign is to provide a valuable content to the right audience. It’s a marketing strategy that helps spread brand awareness for products, services and advocacies.

Here’s how effective content marketing is for B2B marketers

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According to Content Marketing Institute, there was a 65% of increase on content marketing success in 2018.

The study also shared the most commonly used content types by B2B marketers – case studies at 73%, pre-produced videos at 72% and ebooks/ white papers at 71%.

94% of these organizations use Social Media Posts as their primary content type for B2B content marketing.

LinkedIn leads the race as the most effective social media platform for distributing content with 78% followed by Twitter with 48% and Facebook with 42%.

There are different types of content marketing campaigns to implement for your business. It is a matter of identifying the type of content that will bring the most success to your business.

Ready to start a content marketing campaign?

Check out these content marketing campaign samples

A content marketing campaign on social issues

P&G’s “We See Equal” campaign is a collage of viral videos showing real-life situations of ordinary people breaking the stereotype. It aims to fight gender bias and equality to have a more accepting society. P&G demonstrated that it could walk the talk by having female managers occupying half of its workforce.

A content marketing campaign to add wit and humor

The marketing team took inclusivity to whole a new level on this “Bernie beats Trump.” social media content posts.

Sometimes a content marketing campaign could also be light and fun. Bernie Sanders is claiming it with this content marketing strategy on social media.

As of April 8, 2020, Bernie Sanders announced the suspension of his campaign on his Facebook page.

A content marketing campaign to boost the traffic of your website

One of the strategies to strengthen the traffic flow to your website is to have a content marketing campaign. The content topics must play around the purpose of your website. For example, I’ve been regularly producing blogs to share how to thrive the work-life as a hands-on parent who also works-from-home. It combines work-related advice and tips on the hands-on parenting lifestyle.

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