5 Online Freelance Jobs that you can do remotely

While unemployment around the world took a downturn in this massive economic shutdown, a top freelancing marketplace claims a 21.21% increase in jobs posted in Q1 of 2020.

Ultimately, for us belonging in the gig economy, we might feel a slight sigh of relief from this seemingly positive report. But it doesn’t mean that we will be hustling less.

Get yourself ready to accept new accounts or projects again!

Brush up your skills and give your online presence a fresh look. I recently did a major revamp on my website in preparation for upcoming services. And you can be productive too by merely updating your LinkedIn profiles with work-related accomplishments and latest skills earned!

Need help in starting your online freelancing career?

Send your questions below.

By doing so, you are increasing your chance to win any of these online jobs. Who knows maybe one of these jobs could help you beat the challenges this year!


01 Social Media Handling and Promotions

The client has a gadget repair business in United Kingdom that needs social media management and marketing. If you have an experience in creating social media campaigns, then be confident to send your proposal here.

02 Online Gaming Manager

Are you an experienced online freelancer managing various accounts or projects? You may want to consider a small-budget but long-term career as an online gaming manager. Your tasks may involve arranging tournaments, inviting players, marketing the platform using client tools. Get more info about the project here.

03 Dropshipping Advertiser

Do you have a background in dropshipping or have a solid knowledge on how the industry works? Include your portfolio on creating marketing campaigns to win this online job. Send your bid here.

04 Community Manager

If you find joy in managing an online community and good at it, maybe this online community managing job is a right fit for you. View details here.

05 Website Management and Digital Marketing

There are so many elements in this project that truly excites me. For one, it’s about home and space management and the other thing is that all important details about the project are well-explained. It’s so easy to just send your proposal because you will already know if the project is right for you. I know I am but don’t let me beat you on this one, apply for the job now. Check it here.

💎 Bonus Tip

Are you looking for local work opportunities in the Philippines?

Jobstreet has improved their website for a more streamlined approach in finding the job that matches your skills. The job marketplace has job listings for temporary work-from-home positions, freelance, part-time, undergraduate and no work experience job hunters.

Best of luck! 😉


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