What you need to know if you want to become a virtual assistant

Think about an executive assistant or an office secretary who keeps things running smoothly in the office. From organising the office files, setting meeting reminders to handling business and creative tasks from an office desk, a virtual assistant can do so much more!

A virtual assistant works almost the same way the only difference is that a VA can do those things from a coffee shop, a resort or the most common place we know, at home. For as long as you have a working laptop fit for the specific VA work and a good Internet provider, you can find an online job.

What is the job description of a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant’s job description varies depending on the industry. But since an assistant work’s primary function is to “assist” anyone looking for this kind of job must have a wide array of skills to thrive in this work. A background in sales and marketing, bookkeeping, admin and clerical work, IT and technical support, to name a few will help you get recommendations from your clients. You can choose a generic virtual assistant function like handling administrative tasks, assistant work, sales and marketing support for starters then, later on, build up your skill set as you further this career path. Check out the list of a VA’s most common job functions here and get some tips on how to prepare yourself to working-from-home.

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Who’s eligible to the virtual assistant job?

Based on my experience working with international clients, anyone who’s at least at the college level has topnotch researching skills, excellent communication skills with a functioning device could work as a virtual assistant. Experience is not an issue for as long as you could focus and provide a sample work to demonstrate your knowledge of the job to a client; the chance of getting hired is high.

How much do virtual assistants earn?

Virtual assistants can beat the monthly salary of three entry-level jobs combined while still having a work-life balance lifestyle. But it requires a great deal of discipline, planning and organisational skills to make this happen because you need to sign up for more projects while ensuring to deliver expectations and meet deadlines. Some VA starts at 3$ per hour which really is less from what I charged when I started in 2014 but if you are a student or a first-time job applicant this rate is a good starting point as you build up your skills as a VA.

What’s next for virtual assistants?

A virtual assistant can pursue any industry depending on the job functions they provide. From business and project managers, IT and programmers to sales and marketing professionals, there’s no shortage of opportunities to expand your skills and experience as a virtual assistant.

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