How flexible routines help me keep up with my active toddler

Candid? Sure! She was laughing because of the phrase “toasted bad” so, I took my chance had a photo taken while laughing with her.

I could already smell the warm breeze of Summer air. So, as the coming toddler class school break which gives me the mix feelings.

How are we going to fill up those two months with edutainment activities that won’t leave me insane?

Summer vacations mean more time with my active toddler who constantly asks “Where are we going next, mom?” then recently, she learned to include “What are we going to do at home, mom?” to her frequently-asked-questions. What happened to those basic questions like “Are we there yet?” and “What’s that? What’s this?” To be honest, I’m more prepared to hassle my mom brains to answer those type questions. But those questions ‘What’s next and what’s on her itinerary’ all the time it probes my mom brain to think days and weeks ahead!

“All along I thought I was just the Mom but I guess I’m also the Executive Assistant!”

– Elle Anorma

It’s handled.

Just like Olivia Pope’s famous line, I claim that I got this whole motherhood figured out (even if most of the time I don’t) because sometimes you just have to put up a brave face and let your mom brain work.

Routines are great if it’s flexible

So, you got a Plan A? Make a Plan B as well and throw a C and D to it, too. Routines are great if it’s tailored-fit to your kids’ personality and temperament. But it doesn’t mean you’ll let your kid ditch a well thought-out plan only because they don’t like it. Say yes only if it also works for you so make sure those plans work with you as The Parent.

Do you want to know the key to a Flexible Routine?

My Flex-Routine Sheet is based on work-life integration. It means I blend my role as a hands-on parent with my work. How does it work you ask? Let’s say I have a meeting, I bring my kid with me. And if I have a video call, I tell her about the call and give her things she can play with while being extra quiet until the call is over. All these cooperating-with-mommy things are rewarded with a quick trip to the mall to “borrow” toys.

Note: Borrowing toys are like browsing them and putting them back right before we exit the store.

Elle’s Tip to Minimalist Playtime

Most importantly, if the activities doesn’t serve its purpose – change it, tweak it until it gets fun and educational to your kid and time-freeing for you.

There’s a lot coming about Work-Life Integration for hands-on mom who works-from-home, so follow this blog for more.

Feel free to share your tips, too! I love to hear them! 😀

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