What I’ve learned so far while being cooped up at home

I planned to do so many things but the domesticated-quarantined version of living these days found its way to mess things up. 

First, I learned that we could adapt to our situation by embracing our new normal. 

Second, Kerrigan has been doing great with her online classes though it’s far from what she used to have in her school. 

She gets to talk and see her class twice a week, and I’m becoming friends with the cashiers at the grocery. But there are things (lessons and work) that I planned that didn’t happen. And surprisingly, I don’t beat myself up if I couldn’t accomplish them at the moment. Instead, I tackle my quarantined life one step at a time.

Take it easy with the house chores they won’t go away anyway.

The first few weeks of being cooped up at home felt easy in the beginning. My level of confidence was at its highest thinking that this is something that I can do without going insane. The succeeding weeks, though, was a different story. I began to notice how much time was spent on house chores and homeschooling that I had to energy to work on my website. I had to put myself in a house chores routine and made sure I have at least five hours each day to create content. And so far, it’s been working well. Just last week I got an invite to contribute to an article which meant free exposure to what I do.

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You can unlock a new skill or two

Since most restaurants are still in their skeletal workforce, if not closed, I’ve been cooking home meals since March 15. It was one of the challenging parts of being stuck at home next to cleaning. But I found a way to enjoy the whole process while I get better and better at cooking. Today, I have mastered the Electrolux oven without burning any food. And all of the meals I cook or bake no matter if it’s chicken, pork or beef are always juicy and tender, thanks to the Instant Pot! Not only that, my web design skills have been showing a lot of improvement. The usual blog layout has turned into a modern site. I have WordPress to thank for keeping the tools easy and fun to use!

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Launch a career or business from home

Aside from binge-watching Netflix’s Dynasty, Money Heist, Selling Sunset, Pandemic, RuPaul’s Drag Race and so on, I also managed to follow the news without sinking into depression. Because of this new obsession with investing, economy and current news, I’ve added a new career in my LinkedIn profile. I signed up as an online English tutor! Tada! I think being a homeschooling parent gave me the confidence to get started on this one.

One person can do so many things, but help from my little sidekick can do wonders

I used to have an on-call home cleaner pre-COVID at least once or twice a week to carry out the general cleaning duties. Now that things have changed dramatically, everything just went to my plate. And I’m not going to sugar coat things, but it is hard to keep things afloat around the home. Lucky for me, I have someone who tries to help around the house. She picks up her toys. Pretends to enjoy the cleanup time. Tries to sweep the floor. Cute, right?

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Everything you need is at home (if you have a stable Internet)

Despite the craziness that has been happening in the world, people are coming together to help in their little way. A lot of online learning sites, publishers, museums, to name a few, shared free access to their online content for those who are cooped up at home. It allowed parents to edutain their kids from home.

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