Review: Unboxing and Testing the Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum

There is an affordable dust-mite vacuum that promises to eliminate 99.97% dust particles! But does it live up to its promise? 

How to make friends in the pandemic

As we mark our first anniversary in lockdown, it finally dawned on me the effects of this pandemic on the little ones. Will they miss out on opportunities to meet friends now that they’re stuck at home for more than a year?

Landers grocery shopping in MECQ

Shopping for groceries used to be a happy bonding experience with my daughter a year ago. But these days, I’m going solo.

Here’s how I ‘gamified’ our homeschool session

I’m turning up the fun meter with a series of challenges with prizes for Kerrigan! Will she take the challenge?

A thoughtful and simple Modern Filipiniana themed wedding in the South

The story on how I survived a 9-hr-long wedding celebration with my playful toddler

We will try to grow my preschooler’s tiny garden from our balcony

“Mom! I have an idea! How about we go to the park and pick a bouquet of flowers?! Eeeek! It’s so exciting!”

Here’s what I do first thing in the morning

Five years ago, the first thing I would do as soon as I wake up was to sit in front of my computer and work.

Lakbay Museo, a glimpse of a vibrant Pinas

Take hundreds of photos all you want but don’t skip the chance to enjoy the colours of the Philippines in this indoor museum.

How we are spending the Holidays at home

Our small condo is the go-to place for the Holidays. It’s our HQ for low-key celebrations.