5 YouTube Channels to help level up your skills in Digital Communications and Business

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A few months before I discovered that I’d become a mom soon, I was brainstorming for ideas on how moms could still be updated with their skills and knowledge even when they are at home caring for their children. Luckily, our generation is flooded with unending resources making it possible to stay updated with the latest skills and news.
By simply searching for free resources online, you’ll discover hundreds of information even when you’re busy with just about anything at home. From cooking shows, DIYs and so much more. All you have to do is pick a topic and you’re on your way to learning more at the comforts of your home.
I choose topics that are in line with my work. Design and Typography, Digital Marketing, Media Production, Business, and Productivity. What’s yours?
This is your starter-pack to improve your skills in Digital Communications and Business Skills:

Business – DailyVee or AskGaryVee

Almost everyone I know who’s into Digital Marketing knows Gary Vaynerchuck! From a wine expert, he brilliantly rebranded himself as a serial entrepreneur advocating the “Thank you” community. Well, he teaches a lot of things, from business insights, social media tactics to solid inspirational talks that will get you to work, all for free!

Design and Typography – TheFutur

No background in typography? No formal education in design? No problem! Chris Do, the master educator, will drive you through the basics and advance teaching in design and typography and would even bridge the gap between the experts and the wannabe designers through their hour and a half long interviews with other industry experts.

Digital Marketing – Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday at MOZ

A few years ago, I got so hooked on SEO and Link Building and that time Link Building and SEO were just being discovered by other traditional marketing people. So, in a way, the field felt new although it’s been practiced for years already. I remember in 2013 a marketing colleague of mine had no clue on what SEO and Link Building were. Unfortunately, I missed to tell her about this online tutorial by Rand Fishkin that I’ve been following for free.

Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday, MOZ

I admire those who generously share what they know and doing the teachings super well! With just some colored whiteboard pens and a whiteboard, Rand was able to impart his technical expertise in SEO and Link Building in an easy-to-digest way. Today, MOZ has a bunch of SEO experts teaching about the topic and occasionally you would still be able to watch Rand along with his famous beard.

Neil Patel

This digital marketing expert and a seasoned entrepreneur would be the recent addition to my regular digital video consumption and I only wish I started earlier. His video content teaches not only about the hard skills in digital marketing that touches topics about Online Advertising, Social Media, and SEO but as well as some entrepreneurial insights to virtually mentor and inspire those entrepreneurs in their journey.

Media Production – Justin Odisho and Phlearn

Learning about media production is an essential skill in telling the world who you are and what you do through well-created photos and videos. But to develop beautiful content will require you to gain some solid skills in media production. So, I searched for the experts in multi-media arts and the media production tools to get a non-traditional training.

Justin Odisho

He teaches about video production for digital platforms. His video tutorials are straight-forward and (for my experience) always on-topic, meaning I haven’t experienced him talking about stuff not related to the video tutorial he’s teaching.


I was not a fan of Photoshop or any creative suite software before because I had an impression that this software is very difficult to use and too complicated for me. But that perception changed when I discovered Phlearn, hosted by Aaron Nace. Aaron is a great educator in this industry. His steps in creating any digital material are always systematic that’s why following his tutorials have been very easy. I bet his 1.5m subscribers would agree!

Productivity – Amy Landino

Do you know what it feels like to have a supportive office workmate who selflessly shares you the tips and tricks to get the life you want without you having to ask for it? That’s exactly how Amy Landino productivity and motivational video content will make you feel when you follow her weekly videos. The topics are random but always on point so you can definitely listen to her while you are doing some repetitive tasks at home or in the office.
I think the key to successful online learning is to always practice what you’ve learned and to create something amazing out of it.
So, yeah, enjoy learning!

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