A flavorful Discovery at the Sands Restaurant

Our dining experience at the Discovery Shores Boracay

Discovery Shores is one of the stunning hotels in Boracay. It has a spacious beachfront with rows of coconut trees to frame your view of the crystal blue sea. I have imagined sitting on the beach to get a tan while my daughter plays on the sand – this hotel made that happen.

We ended up staying until sundown!

Take the best view of the sea and wait for the spectacular light show of sunset

If you’re looking to get the best sitting for lunch, you must take a table at the Sandbar a few minutes before their happy hour. This way you’ll get a nice spot of a picture-perfect sunset while having a few cocktail drinks at half the price.

When you have a kid your ideal happy hour is an afternoon of discounted cocktails with a kid playing quietly on the sand.

We got our cocktails from the Sandbar, a classic Mojito for me and an ice cold beer for Jc. As for our daughter Kerrigan, she was pretty satisfied with a glass of lemonade and lots of cuddles from her Dad.

Lunch? What lunch?

With a stunning view of the sea and some cold drinks to go with it, you’ll forget about your food.

For our late lunch, we ordered from the Sands Restaurant. I thought it was a nice touch to give their guests a few pieces of Choc Nut, a Pinoy chocolate peanut sweets. I was never a fan but it will surely bring some memories to those balikbayans.

The Sands Restaurant has a restaurant design comparable to those foreign restaurants you see in the city but they serve an all Filipino cuisine on their menu. From Bistek Tagalog to Mongo Okoy, or mungo bean with a twist!

For lunch, we tried Salted Fish Fried Rice, Adobo, Tanigue Steak and my favourite Tortang Talong. It was easily the best food we had in Boracay!

The Salted Fish Fried Rice had just the right blend of garlic and salty fish taste in it. I felt comfortable giving it to my daughter.

Adobo is a rather tricky dish to prepare. Some prefers a nice blend of vinegar and garlic with a hint of soy sauce, while others look for the sweeter side of this dish. My tastebuds felt like it won the lottery when I got the sweet and garlicky flavours.

If there’s one thing that I’d like to avoid when feeding my child, that would be any dish that has fish in it. I worry about those fish bones. But the Tanigue Steak has a few to almost none, so I gave my daughter a few spoons of this mildly flavoured dish.

Tortang Talong is one of my I-could-eat-for-weeks kind of food. Instead of rice, I got myself a whole plate. And it didn’t disappoint!

Finally! My favourite part in every meal, the dessert! Cheesecakes are my go-to cake but that day I went for the flavours from childhood, the Iskrambol! It’s a creamy sweet ice shave dessert. I was really surprised to get a big bowl. It was nice for sure, but at one point I worried about it being too sweet for my taste. I guess I’ve grown really old that I’ve forgotten the thrill of having this powdery treat.

In her happy place… the beach!
She said she’s going to get sea water and so she did without looking back.

Going for my mom-daughter signature poses, the look-at-the-back and the I’ll-carry-you-until-my-back-snaps because why not?! 🙂

One of the perks of having a wide beachfront is the gorgeous sunset background. While it’s rude to stop other tourists from passing, you wouldn’t want photo bombers on your photos either. My tip is to wait for that shot or perfect your photos using Adobe Lightroom.

Pink Sunset

Looking at these photos, I’m glad to have captured our family’s experience because you just don’t get this amount of beautiful sunset while having the best meal with a view of the beach.

More stories and tips coming!

From how I take these photos to how I edit them to achieve a clean and dreamy photo gallery.

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Tap on the Follow button on the lower right corner or find me on Youtube!

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