How to Make the Most of Your Time at Tokyo Disneyland

Last Summer I took the family to Tokyo Disneyland to celebrate my birthday. I knew it was going to be a challenge to line up for hours in the Summer heat so I made sure to plan the whole trip well.

Manabat’s Farm Resort in Pampanga is a home away from the city

We are taking you to a farm resort in Pampanga!

A quick side-trip to the Clark Safari and Adventure Park

Our recent adventure to the North revealed the truest meaning of work-hard and play-hard for parents in a remote work setup. I combined work and play and took my kid to Clark Safari and Adventure Park on a two-hour road trip!

Our Conrad Hotel Manila staycation experience

We are taking you to our Conrad Hotel Manila staycation experience for a cruise-ship-like experience!

Pet Park and Go Kart at Robinsons Metro East

Today, we are sharing a glimpse of the latest outdoor activity for the family. I brought my 5-year-old, a senior, and our Beagle pup, Dashi, for a quick roof deck activity in the heart of the city!

What to expect when visiting Avilon Zoo

Here we go again! A new pet means another round of training but this time, it’s with a Beagle!

We will try to grow my preschooler’s tiny garden from our balcony

“Mom! I have an idea! How about we go to the park and pick a bouquet of flowers?! Eeeek! It’s so exciting!”

Lakbay Museo, a glimpse of a vibrant Pinas

Take hundreds of photos all you want but don’t skip the chance to enjoy the colours of the Philippines in this indoor museum.

Exploring my daughter’s imaginary theme park

If there’s a Christmas wish that I want for my vlog this year and the coming years is to vlog consistently!