How to commute in Rome with a toddler in tow [Part 2]

Are you planning to visit Rome soon or thinking about taking a vacation to any Schengen state with your kid? I went through it all from the Schengen visa application, planning a child-friendly itinerary to strategising how to travel with a toddler. So, go ahead and check my post about it before you dive in with this one.

Back in the day, when going around Rome as a kid, a teen and then a young adult the places we went to were churches, caves, theme-parks and of course those famous landmarks. I mostly enjoy the theme-parks obviously because it was a break from all those huge cathedrals and religious places. So, when it was my turn to bring my kid, I had to avoid those places that won’t get much appreciation from a two-year-old. Instead, my travel itinerary revolved around those child-friendly locations — basically, areas and establishment who wouldn’t mind a wandering toddler.

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Where to begin when planning your child-friendly itinerary?

If you need help in planning your itinerary, you can try using travel apps that you could also use offline like Tripwolf or anything similar. Be sure to open the app before your trip to update the application and to check if everything is working well. I used to have Google Trips as my go-to app. Unfortunately, I saw a writeup that it was discontinued in August. I liked it because it compiles details about your trip in one place. You could check your flight schedules and get resources and travel trips in one app instead of switching one app to another.

Would you need a map to go around the city?

Yes! But please avoid using the traditional map. You won’t be able to hold it anyway while your kid runs around exploring stuff around her. What you may want to use are local transportation guide apps for getting directions and bus and train schedules on-the-go. Google Map and any local Rome transportation guide app will come in handy for you. But you could also check this online map version of Roma’s transportation system for a preview.

Where to get tickets for the bus and Metro train?

Getting travel passes in Rome is easy. They may not be as user-friendly as other first-world countries, but it could still work for you. Head to any tabaccheria or those convenience stores you find along major streets to get the travel passes that suits your travel needs. You can also get the tickets in some Metro stations or get your tickets at Rome’s central train station, the Termini Station.

What to bring when commuting with a toddler in Rome?

Whenever my daughter and I travel, I always expect to walk a lot. Some cities have a fantastic bus and train stations like Singapore. There are ramp and elevators in every station so, bringing a stroller is easy. Unfortunately, it’s a different case with Rome. Not every station has a functioning or clean elevator that’s why I avoid taking elevators. Instead, I carry the stroller to the stairs. The biggest mistake for travelling parents would be bringing too much or heavy stuff. As much as possible, use lightweight umbrella type strollers. If you have another adult with you, something like Babyzen Yoyo would be great. You can wear the stroller like a handbag or backpack when not in use.

What to tell your kid before going on a commute?

Before any trip, I always make it to a point to give my daughter a short briefing about our destination through storytelling. I would share a story about the place or let her watch a show for an idea. At two years old, most kids are excited about the idea of riding airplanes, trains and buses. I take those opportunities to remind her how to behave well so we could both enjoy the ride.

Rome will always be home, but it doesn’t mean I am familiar with everything about it. Surprisingly, things haven’t changed that much in terms of commuting around the city. It has the same transportation system. There have been a few added options like those ride-sharing services but other than that it was the same old Roma. The only difference was that I have a two-year-old with me this time.

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