How we celebrated my birthday

There are creative ways to celebrate a busy mom’s birthday without the stress of trying to squeeze everything in just one day.

As I get older, juggling tasks and dividing my time between so many things became my top priority. Often parents like me would brush off the idea of throwing a special something on their birthday. Whether we like it or not, things change the big time when we have multiple other things to do and celebrating birthdays could quickly turn into a no-hassle dinner out. Simple!

Here’s how I managed to have a hassle-free birthday celebration.

Field Trip with the whole class at Space Adventure

This year (and the coming years too), I practically spent my day attending my daughter’s school field trip with the rest of her class. It was a calm celebration, a bit hectic because of the early call time but still manageable.

Birthday Dinner at Red Lobster

I’ve been looking forward to having lobsters on my birthday thinking it was this juicy sea-tasting delicacy and boy I was right about sea-tasting! A bit too much for me, though. In the middle of dinner, I was looking for red meat or just a bucket of lemonade to balance out the flavours.

Got my first-ever birthday gift from my daughter

A few days before my birthday, my daughter surprised me with some gifts she created in school. She waited a bit longer before I was able to pick her up, so she had time to create a masterpiece for me. She was beaming when she gave me the binocular project and a doodle of a penguin she drew while waiting for me.

My First-ever Binoculars and Penguin Masterpiece from Kerrigan

And a little sing-along to end the day

My daughter enjoys singing like most of the kids these days. Before we ended the day, she sang one of her favourites, the fish song. I guess our dinner was the inspiration to that song.

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