A mini tropical highland trip in the Cloud Forest

After soaking in the warm Singaporean weather at the Supertree Grove, Kerrigan and I returned the following day to visit two of the cooled conservatories in Gardens by the Bay, the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

There’s a silver lining to not having enough time to do some research before getting inside the conservatory; getting stunned by the Cloud Forest’s beauty. The Cloud Forest is Singapore’s way of showcasing the beauty of the mountains, rich vegetations and colourful floral display.

Welcome to the cool shower

When my daughter and I entered the cool conservatory, we were both stunned by the cool mist that greeted us at the entrance. She squealed and told me to take cover because she thought it was raining. My little girl calmed down after I explained to her that it was because of the man-made waterfall built right in front of the main entrance of the conservatory.

I found a statue in Cloud Forest!

Everything turns into a wild ride

Anywhere we go, there will always be something that would catch my daughter’s attention. For example, this wooden lion sitting in the middle of two escalators automatically turns into a ride. She would pet it like it was a domesticated animal. Thinking about it now, I hope we didn’t offend anyone. We were so lucky that Singaporeans were very patient with us.

The Cloud Forest is on the second floor, which gives its guests a 180 view of the Marina Bay. You could see tall buildings from the balcony. There was also a staircase to sit on to enjoy the beautiful view of the Bay Area.

My little travel buddy made sure to explore the balcony while I follow her around constantly reminding her to be careful.

The tour isn’t complete without climbing the highest man-made peak at the Cloud Forest

I let my daughter explore the whole place. At some point, she was walking around on her own while I follow her trail. I guess that’s what I get from raising a little too confident travel buddy who helped me find the way to the lift. It’s a win-win feeling most of the time because at three years old she’s very efficient at spotting not just our next ride but also could tell which way to go.

At the second level of the Cloud Forest, there is a small island of different kinds of carnivorous plant. But don’t be fooled by this display because some of it was made from LEGO blocks. Could you imagine arranging those blocks alongside a real carnivorous plant? Sounds pretty scary to me!

The curious little ones couldn’t resist touching that vibrant foliage. I’d be looking right behind her shoulder to check what she’s doing while whispering: “Amore, do not touch the plants, okay? Just look.”.

Don’t be fooled by this display because some of it were made from LEGO blocks.

The whole place was filled with different kinds of orchids, luscious ferns, vibrant bromeliads, and carnivorous pitcher plans. Name it they might have it! So, we took our time to appreciate the one-of-a-kind skill that helped build the magnificent display.

But the tour doesn’t end there. Trail the 35-meter tall mountain with its hanging bridge surrounding it. The bridge is wide enough for two to three people walking side by side. Check out how my daughter pranced around the tall bridge.

All in all, the trip to the Cloud Forest was worth it. Going there was very convenient too. Thanks to the shuttle service that brought us to and fro the Marina Bay Station. It also helps that the view and the ride were so relaxing. It gave my daughter and me a chance to reflect on how beautiful Singapore truly is.

From the Shuttle Service drop off, we returned to the underground pass to reach the Marina Bay Station. It’s where we took our train ride going to the airport.

We hope you enjoyed our adventure to the Cloud Forest. Stay tuned for more travel adventure and tips from us.

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