Review: Unboxing and Testing the Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum


If it weren’t for the social media groups, I wouldn’t know about the deep-seated dust piling in our couch, bed, and pillows. Thankfully, there is an affordable dust-mite vacuum that promises to eliminate 99.97% dust particles! But does it live up to its promise? 

Have you tried googling any Xiaomi vacuum products? Don’t be surprised to find a long list of Xiaomi products in different models, sizes and prices. According to Gizmochina, the dust-mite vacuum started as a crowdfunded product. And the official name was Mijia Mite Eliminator and not Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum, which is at every e-commerce store in Manila. It’s the wired version of the Mijia Wireless Mite Eliminator. I tried looking for the official website of the Xiaomi brand to verify details, including the 99.97% claim in removing 0.3-micron particles. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find any post regarding this product. 

Check Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum on Shopee.

Watch the Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Unboxing and Testing Video

Whether it’s a crowdfunded product or not, I think I found myself a gem! Here’s what I think about the Mijia Mite Eliminator (aka Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum)

Check Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum on Shopee.

I started vacuuming our couch as soon as I received the vacuum. And I couldn’t believe the amount of dust it’s been holding for years. Our coach is my daughter’s nap and play area. It’s where she performs her silly acrobatic moves, jumping and balancing non-stop. Without the dust mite vacuum, I don’t think I will realize that rubbing Pledge on our leather couch was never enough.

But what makes the Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum special?

Vacuum Power

With its 450W motor in 220V, the Mijia Mite Eliminator, also known as Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum on Lazada and Shopee, is compatible to our power outlet at home. It has a suction power of 12kPa, a lot lower than its wireless version, Mijia Wireless Mite Vacuum at 16kPa and second to the affordable Deerma CM800’s 13kPa. But it can still compete with its ability to vibrate in high-frequency at 10,000 per minute, 2,000 more than Deerma CM800’s 8,000 per minute tapping to shake off those clingy dust mites. And if you’ll consider the 20 cm roller brush combined with its suction mouth, it is the winner in this category. 

Suction Mouth

I’m all about having the most time-efficient way to clean things around the house. So, when I noticed this particular area of the vacuum, which is the most important of all, it became apparent which product will suit my cleaning style. The Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum has the widest suction mouth, which is about 20cm.On the other hand, another dust mite vacuum like the Deerma CM800 has about 2 inches of suction mouth which looks wider than it is because it follows the length of the 0.5L dust bin. 

UV-C Lamp

I got to be honest. I’m a little bit skeptical about the whole UV-C Lamp, and yes, I know I sound dumb. I thought about researching more about the effectiveness of UV lights in eliminating bacteria and whatever else it can kill in this pandemic era. But yes, the Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum has a UV-C Lamp that claims to have a 99.99% sterilization rate. The UV-C lamp is almost the same length as the roller brush, which is about 20cm. 

Filter & Dust Bin

Here’s something extra. The Xiaomi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum has a dust cup that I think is large enough to hold dust while cleaning your sofa, bed, chairs, and pillows. But what struct the most was its three-layer of filtration, beginning with the stainless-steel filter, the HEPA filter, and the air filter sponge on the opposite side of the dust cup. I find it convenient that the HEPA filter is inside the stainless-steel filter because it is safe from bigger chunks of dirt, dust, and hair, making cleaning the vacuum a lot easier.

Looking for more dust mite vacuum options?

Find it on Lazada.

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