How to make friends in the pandemic


As we mark our first anniversary in lockdown, it finally dawned on me the effects of this pandemic on the little ones. Will they miss out on opportunities to meet friends now that they’re stuck at home for more than a year?

I was doing my usual routine in the kitchen when Kerrigan blurted out: “Mom, I want a new friend, and this time I want it real.”. I said: “Sure! How about the little girl you spoke with a few weeks ago?”. “But, I don’t know how to make friends, mom.”. I reassured her that it would come naturally and that she had nothing to worry about. To which she replied, “I actually want to talk to a grown-up this time.”.

Watch our park playtime vlog!

Aside from those random demands, my daughter would ask the same question almost every morning, “What are we going to do today, Mom?”. And for a while, we tried outdoor activities, like going to the park and garden. We’ve had JustDance sessions at home, arts and crafts, cooking, and our DIY homeschooling program by Mom to sprinkle positivity in our home. But, as much I hate to admit, our enthusiasm dwindles, and there are days where ideas are dry.

Thankfully, my daughter had a chance to meet a friend at the park. And our worries of not knowing how to make friends turned into constant reminders to practice social distancing.

The Park Land

With the absence of our usual indoor playground play sessions, Kerrigan turned this park into a theme park. She named all areas with creative names like, Hoop Land, Star Land, Swirl Land and more.


Elle x Kerrigan
A little #skyselfie before we head home

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – Tolkien

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