Achieve a budget friendly dress-up-like-your-mom look with these tips

Mom and Daughter Twinning Outfit Idea

“Aww… so cute! You are wearing the same blouse!” One of the teachers squealed when she saw us entering the school. I won’t deny that it was the reaction that I was hoping for after a last-minute outfit change.

These days getting dressed for school without being late has become easier for Kerrigan and I since we signed up for the early class schedule. So, why not make things a little more exciting by pulling off a quick “Dress Like You Mom/ Dad Day” outfit for school, right?

Twinning with your kid has been popular with the millennial parents because it’s a way to share your creativity and style with your kid. But that day our twinning outfits had a different meaning other than looking the same for a day.

The meaning behind the “Dress like your parent day.”

This year the dress-up day had more meaning to me than in the previous year. Finally, I grasped the reason why schools have this program. The truth is what we wear is a reflection of what we do. As a hands-on mom who struggles to keep the home and her life in order, the dress-up day gave me a few minutes of reflection. What do I wear these days and how does it mirror my way of life? It was fun when I saw my daughter’s eyes beam with delight when she saw we look exactly alike. It’s a reminder that I have a little one who sees me as her first-ever role model.

My heart skips a beat whenever she says to me: “Mom, I want to be like you.”. It’s like an affirmation that I’m doing fine.

Comfy and practical everyday wear

I am always running around doing so many things while working on my projects from home. So, it only makes sense why I prefer those comfortable stretchy cotton or linen fabric paired with a denim jacket. But, it also has to be a ready-to-go look if I need to go out, which is very easy to achieve with athleisure footwear and a coat.

Twinning on a budget

My go-to style is those floral dresses and blouse that you could easily find in any store. I used to go to Ginger Snaps for Kerrigan’s dresses and find a match in another store. The best time to look for matching outfits is during store sale to get matching outfits at a discounted price. You could also find similar fabric designs from the fast-fashion stores like H&M, Forever 21, Uniqlo, Mango, and so on. Nowadays, they have huge clothing selections for adults and children, so getting a matching look wouldn’t be too hard to find.

Here are some of the outfits we pulled off over the years

2018 Dress Like Your Momma Day
2017 Dress Like Your Momma Day in San Diego, California
2016 Dress Like Momma Entry at my cousin’s wedding

What are other ways to create complementing look without overspending:

  • Wear similar colour blouse or t-shirt. Getting the basic white t-shirts and light to medium denim jeans or shorts look so chic in twos.
  • Add complementing colours in your outfit. Those vibrant yellow children’s dress or blouse when paired with mom’s blue blazer, will achieve a perfect look for the office.
  • Let your twinning buddy wear a neutral shade from your colourful outfit to get that seamless matching look.

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