What are the booming jobs in this time of the pandemic

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Part of my morning routine is to listen to the news about booming jobs on YouTube while preparing breakfast. It’s like hitting birds in one stone every time. 

Today, I saw an episode about the booming jobs in this time of the pandemic. I had to stop and watch because I thought it would be nice to share a few research on what these jobs are, and maybe I’ll be able to find some job postings for you.

If you want to watch the complete episode, go ahead and watch it here. 

I also wrote my pointers below for your skimming pleasures!

  • The job claims in the US is 1.3M weekly according to CNBC’s report, an alarming figure for the world’s biggest economy.
  • LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief Dan Roth said that there are new and booming jobs in this time of the pandemic, which categorized three types – newly created, high demand and changing roles.
  • The examples of Newly Created jobs are Contact Tracers and COVID Care Resources. These are jobs that directly support the battle against the pandemic.
  • The High Demand jobs are the ones that allow us to live in the new normal like Occupancy Planners and Personal Shoppers.
  • Some jobs have evolved to match the demands of the current situation like Telemedicine, Administrative and the Education sector. Under the Changing Roles category, LinkedIn has seen a growing demand for Online Tutors, Virtual Assistants, Loan Specialists and Personal Shoppers.

Where to find these growing jobs

Finding these jobs are accessible these days! Indeed has over 421 job listings of Contact Tracer jobs so get ready to roll up your sleeves to find a suitable company for you. As for the Telemedicine, Administrative and Education sector, you may try online job marketplaces like Freelancer, Glassdoor, Indeed, and Upwork to name a few.

Canva is an online graphic design tool to help you create professional-looking graphics.


How to apply for a job online

Prepare your curriculum vitae like you usually would but this time instead of printing it out create a LinkedIn account to list down your qualifications. You could also try submitting your CVs through email. There are hundreds of CV and resumé templates on Canva. Sign up for an account and create your digital curriculum vitae here

We are indeed in tough times. I hope these tips will bring you closer to your goals. 

Good luck and be safe!

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