What we love about RED Kitchen + Bar

Another new home for great tasting food at the River Park, Filinvest Alabang

Do you feel like you can’t be in a bar and grill restaurant like you used to when you became a parent?

I must admit catching up with friends these days are mostly done in social chat boxes. I think bar and grill restaurants at this point in our lives are primarily for eating if cooking dinner is not an option. So, our daughter over here turned bar and grill buddy would always pose as our third wheel. Luckily, there is a place in our “new neighbourhood” who’s always ready to accommodate our tiny bar and grill buddy.

RED Kitchen + Bar is a classy and cosy place for dining with friends and family. With its 4.6 ratings on Facebook, this restaurant promises to give you a great dining experience while serenading with some excellent music. But since having a three-year-old, the best way to test this rating is to bring my toddler with me.

What it’s like to bring a toddler in a posh bar and grill restaurant?

When bringing kids to restaurants, you got to be in full gear. Bring items like colouring materials, markers and gadgets (when you’re running out of luck) to make sure everything is well under control. It just so happen that the ates and kuyas at RED were very patient with us. Their wide tables (as you can see in the photo above) was big enough to accommodate not just the food but also my daughter’s colouring materials.

The dish that ultimately won my heart

I’ve been at RED twice already and I ordered the same dish twice!

I’m sure there are lots of other great tasting food at RED’s, but the Chicken Inasal and the Triad Churrasco are my current favourite. The chicken was always cooked to perfection I had no problems giving it to my daughter because of its tender and flavourful chicken.

The Triad Churrasco, on the other hand, had an excellent presentation with its grilled vegetables, shrimp, chicken and beef. Was it beef? I didn’t get to try the last one because I was too happy with my Chicken Inasal.

Alas, The Beignet of my dreams!

I first saw these at Martha Stewart’s Netflix show and then at The Chef Show’s. These were like donuts squares with caramel and chocolate sauce.

Another new home for great tasting food at the River Park, Filinvest Alabang

What else was fun at RED’s?

Apart from great tasting food and friendly staff (aka the ates and kuyas), RED has a small stage for acoustic performers to make your dining experience a little bit more entertaining. Of course, my daughter noticed the acoustic set up with the mic and high chair waiting for her to try. With the restaurant’s manager’s approval, Kerrigan tried and did some pretend performance on-the-spot.

Photo from RED Kitchen + Bar Facebook Page

There are several ways to experience RED’s warm and laidback vibe. Turn your corporate meetings, product launches, parties and more into a posh gathering with them. Check out their Facebook page or drop by maybe you would see us seated at a table with couch.

Hey! Inspired to take your kids to a bar and grill restaurant too?

Don’t forget to bring these items to achieve the chill vibe:
  • Activity book that has colouring, and matching activities
  • Pop up and push-and-pull books
  • Colouring tools like crayons, watercolour and stamps
  • Toys
  • Gadgets (your last resort to entertain a toddler especially when you’re planning to stay for more than an hour)

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