What to expect when visiting the Flower Dome with a toddler

Our trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the Cooled Conservatories in Gardens by the Bay, the Flower Dome.

When I was planning our two-day itinerary to Singapore, I was not prepared for Singapore’s humid weather. Fortunately, the beautiful island city-state thought well-enough to give everyone a chance to bask under the sun while staying cool. Gardens by the Bay has two Cooled Conservatories for tourists who enjoy being surrounded by lush greeneries and floral gardens. In this travel diary, I am sharing with you sneak peek of what to expect when visiting the Flower Dome.

A glimpse of the garden from the entrance

Get ready to chase after your active toddler in this 1.2 Hectares indoor garden

Flower Dome is divided into nine parts showcasing different gardens. So, be ready to chase after a curious toddler as she leads the way. Here’s a map of the Flower Dome in case you’ll be too distracted to check the flyer of the garden. Just remember to explore The Baobabs and Succulent Garden because this area was the only space we missed during our trip. It’s on the right side as you enter the Flower Dome.

  • Baobabs and Bottle Trees
  • South American Garden
  • Succulent Garden
  • California Garden
  • Australian Garden
  • Mediterranean Garden
  • South African Garden
  • Olive Garden

Image: http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg

Did you know that the world’s largest column-less greenhouses are the two Cooled Conservatories at the Gardens by the Bay?

The world’s largest column-less greenhouses are the two Cooled Conservatories at the Gardens by the Bay. Both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest were designed using glass sitting on a steel grid. The design gives the two structure an eggshell facade. It looks magnificent in the inside and stunning in the outside. It will almost feel like living in the future to see the two structures in real life.

The Australian and South African Garden

Be creative in taking photos

Taking photos and videos were nearly impossible with an active toddler, but there’s a workaround it. Ask your toddler to take pictures with you before you begin the tour with the help of fellow tourists. We were able to get at least three photos overlooking the Baobabs Garden. The challenge was how to get her attention when she’s too busy smelling the flowers. Try not to bother her, just let them move around freely. Sometimes forcing them to smile for a photo won’t do any good. So, instead of asking her to stop and smile for the camera, I just took close up pictures of different flowers in the Flower Field.

“Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair.” She sang merrily when we found Rapunzel’s tower.

The Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean Garden displays tall Date Palm and Stone Pine trees. It gives the perfect shade on a sunny day. There were also island seats for tired tourists, which my daughter turned into a runway.

Hold an impromptu fashion show under the Date Palm Tree

Stay tuned for the changing floral display

The Flower Dome holds different floral display theme. Just this July, they are holding the Orchid Extravaganza in celebration of Singapore’s pop culture. So, head to the Gardens by the Bay until September 15, 2019, to catch the flower display.

Hey, these are some reminders when planning a trip to Gardens by the Bay:

  • We got our online tickets on Klook, which was so convenient. No need to print any documents show the online tickets and reservation from your phone.
  • Bring water bottles with you. Walking the warm Singapore weather can be exhausting but don’t worry, there is a water fountain inside the Flower Dome if you need a refill.
  • Dining is so relaxed at Gardens by the Bay. There are so many restaurants to choose from.
  • Allot at least two to three hours of touring time at Gardens by the Bay because there are so many conservatories to see inside.
  • Bring lightweight strollers for small children but be sure to pack light because although it’s a relaxed tour around Singapore, some attractions have no lifts. So, wear comfortable shoes to climb stairs easily.

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