Where we stayed in the newly rehabilitated Boracay

2019 beach vacation guide for families with small children

It was 10 years ago when I visited Boracay and I could still remember how thick the algae back then in Station 2. But I couldn’t care less because I went there for other reasons like water sports, partying and island hopping.

Fast forward to March 2019, I got a 3-year-old, things are different. Suddenly, I have a different purpose to this beach vacation and that was to get my daughter to enjoy the sea and the sand!

With this whole new reason to go to the beach, parents might be wondering about the ideal beach resort that will meet the needs of the family.

My beach resort must-have checklist:

Good hotel reviews

The most important standard in choosing the beach resort for my family was good hotel reviews. Believe it or not, when we were looking for the resort we went to the filters first and picked the ones with the highest ratings. It comes with a price, I know. But it’s a once in a blue moon experience so might as well choose the best.

Wide beachfront with lots of open spaces

When there are a beautiful beach and crystal blue waters everyone would want a piece of that heaven. No wonder why most of the beach resorts we checked had a narrower hotel and beachfront layout, which I was never a fan. So, for me to have found the perfect wide beachfront with a ton of open spaces was an immediate win.

Nice lounge area

I knew that I’d be spending most of my time in the sand or if not in the pool with my water-and-sand enthusiast toddler which was fine for as long as there’s a spot for me to lounge around. Thanks to the huge beach umbrella and a recliner beside the pool, I got the best experience while I look after my toddler.

Great food

I enjoy a good breakfast before I start my day on a vacation. A croissant with butter, lots of fruits and a hot cup of coffee are my usual go-to breakfast in any hotel I’ve stayed. My toddler prefers eggs, cereals, and milk. So, a nice buffet breakfast is a must-have!

Kid-friendly swimming pools

My toddler loves swimming! Sometimes it’s just so hard to keep her away from it. With a vest or a floater, she could spend hours in the pool even if she’s gone pruny but still, that wouldn’t stop her. So, choosing a slip-free and clean pool is a no-brainer. By the way, if you want a chance for a few minutes of relaxation by the pool make sure NOT to choose a pool with a slide, not advisable if you have small children.

Top of the line accommodation and facilities

Knowing which hotels got cosy accommodation and awesome facilities were almost impossible a few years ago, but not in the advent of social media. If you have the time for it, go ahead and stalk those who already visited the place, and let those photos and videos be one of your basis in choosing the hotel for your family.

Safety and convenience

I  have tried sailing in a roro ship (roll-on/ roll-off) to get to Caticlan, lined up to a sea of people just to ride a boat going to the island. But when you’re travelling with an active toddler safety and convenience should be the top priority. Check for airport transfers with van service to help you go around to the other stations.

All of these criterias were met when we stayed at this beautiful beach resort, The Lind Boracay.

To know about our experience staying in The Lind Boracay, check out my hotel review here.

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